Sunday, August 1, 2010

Do Some of Us Have Better Brain than Others?


Last week, someone discussed this topic with me.

He believes that all new born babies have brains with the same potential and same capacity. It is then up to the parents or guardians to lead the development of the brain.
The environment, the food and the people around the baby will then shape and influence the development of the baby's brain. And that is how we get good and bad students in schools. Bad students were not born with bad brains. They were born with the exact same brain that a good student was born with. But this bad student was unfortunately "wrongly-developed" by the parents and the environment he lived in. And this is not solely the parents' fault because there are other factors putting the parents in that bad condition they are living in.
And those were his points.

However, I beg to differ.I believe not everyone was born with a brain of the same capacity and potential.
That is how "talent" and "gift" come around.
Some babies are born with a brain that can calculate very fast. Some babies were born with a brain that knows exactly how to manipulate the tension of the vocal cord, giving that baby beautiful voice when he/she grows up.

Some children were born with slow critical thinking, they can't catch what the teachers are teaching but, they might be born with superbly creative mind. They can sketch beautifully, dance gracefully, or even run as fast as the wind.

And I also believe that gene plays a very good part in the type of brain someone was born with. A couple of intellects have a high possibility to "produce" children with academically-good brains. I'm not saying rubber tappers will not get academically-good children because, they themselves might actually have academically-good brains but their potentials were somehow blocked, due to the lives they were living in, forcing them to forget their studies and work at a very young age. Which was why I believe we should choose our life partners carefully, as it affects our descendants.

If we speak from only academical aspect then yes, I'd say some people are fortunately born with better brains. They can catch what the teachers are talking about, they responded in class, and they know what they are doing.
Some other students just can't understand what the teacher is talking about. When I told my mother (who works as a teacher in a secondary school) about the "everyone was born with the same brain" theory, she said teachers will definitely say that's not true.
In a school, teachers teach not only A class, but also the back classes. And there definitely are differences in these students sitting in these different classes. Some students nodded their heads, without understanding a single thing. Which was why Additional Mathematics are not a compulsory subject for the back classes.

But life isn't only about succeeding academically.
Those who scored As in their exams are never guaranteed the success in life.
And there are many other successful people in the world that do not have As to brag about but have estates and properties to.
Even "success" itself is a very subjective matter.
Some people view having millions of RMs in their bank account as success.
Some people view success as having good, nice and happy family even when they can't afford to go on a holiday trip every school holiday.

So if we see the human population as a whole, I believe not everyone was born with the same brain, but none was born with a better brain. These brains do not have the same capacity and potential, but they are unique on its own. A proof of the greatness of the Almighty God.

But, life is also a test.
God created us in such a way that our brains have their own capabilities. Whether or not we discover the talent, the specialty and nurture them the correct way, is up to us.

On the same ground, I totally disagree with parents who put too high of hope and expectations on their children, hoping them to score very well in exams. Some students do not have their "specialty" in academics, I think parents MUST accept that when their children do not perform that well in school (provided the child did not deliberately did badly for exam just to get attention from parents etc).

-Because life is a test

Sunday 1st August 2010

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