Sunday, August 15, 2010

What Hv I Been Doing


Be warned, the talkative-ness in me is showing up.
I'm gonna bore you with some insights into what have I been doing lately.


Ah yes, by far this is the biggest thing I've done so far.
Electives in a private hospital near Damansara under a paediatrician.
My supervisor asked me to reach there by 8am, for he starts his ward rounds at that time.
I was determined to reach at least 10mins early on my first day. But, I underestimated the traffic! I reached 5mins late and by the time I reached the doctor's clinic/office, gasping for air as I ran from the carpark to the lobby to ask for direction and into his office, he's already waiting for me. I introduced myself, apologised and he stood up, asked me to follow him.
I left my bag, took out my stethoscope and tailed him.

A known fact, paediatrician deals with sick kids. And from my observation, most of the kids are warded due to either 1) Respiratory problems (Asthma, bronchiolitis, pneumonia etc) 2) Gastrointestinal problems (food poisoning etc).

And since this is a private hospital, most of the kids are from families with money. Yes, I'm sure you know what I meant.
In the clinic, respiratory problems still dominate. Most of the kids come in with cough, fever and sore throat. And the doctor advised parents to reduce the temperature of the air-conditioner and emphasised that this problem might arise due to the usage of air-cond.
And that


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