Saturday, October 16, 2010

Are You Sexually Active?

For the last 3 weeks, I've been studying Reproductive System in my MBBS course, and i'll be studying the same system for another 2 weeks.

Of course, this topic is a crucial topic in my course of study, and like other topics, there are interesting and killing bits in this one.

However, learning to take history from patients for this system is DEPRESSING.

Apart from the normal history components that we have to get from the patients who come with a complaint, we need to ask another three additional components; menstrual history, obstetric history and sexual history.
And my my, taking sexual history always make the butterflies in my stomach flew around non stop, uncontrollable. :(

In taking sexual history from patients, we always need to be "open". Almost too open that we can't have our own stand; in order to make us unbiased, and put the patient's best interest in heart.

Being open by accepting that this patient sitting before us might be having STDs due to free sexual life, might be having multiple sex partners, might be homosexual etc. And to these patients, we must not be judgmental and critical. We must accept that for what they are, treat them as best as we can, and let them go.
I understand the respecting other people's personal life part, and I understand that we must not treat people badly, no matter what their stand is.
Even Prophet Muhammad PBUH treated the non-muslims with respect and sincerity; and he even prayed that these people who are making life on earth hard for him, be blessed with the KNOWLEDGE.
So, being open in that sense, accepting that patient in front of me, is not so much of a pain.
Although I have to admit I can't bring myself to like that patient who is proud to have multiple sex partners in front of me.

But it is more depressing when it comes to dealing with married patients. We must always always not assume that they have only one sexual partner i.e their spouse. We're taught that married people may not be faithful to their partner, and that is almost a norm. It has even come to a point that we can choose whether to see an extra-marital affair as "fortunate" or "unfortunate".
I believe readers know what is meant by that. Ugh.. Scary..

Is the situation really becoming this serious? In this Eastern culture at least?
Or, are we trying to imitate, import and adapt to this infiltrating Western cultures, blindly?
Are we actually preparing ourselves to handle this kind of problem or, are we actually teaching our people to HAVE this kind of problem?

I don't know the real situation out there. How many married couples are unfaithful to each other, I don't know.
But, to think of it as almost a norm, makes me wanna puke.



  1. I wish all young students had your piercing questioning mentality. There are many things pushed upon us which too many simply accept without challenge. They innocently take it as 'just part of life'. Asian culture is falling over itself in trying to be emulate the popularised image of western lifestyle, but at the same time western 'culture' actively tries to make inroads into our psyche. It's like running towards a train that's coming towards us at 200 Kmph!

    The last (and weakest) level of iman is to hate bad things in your heart. I don't think you are going to lose that - but many I feel have, and if you are told not to hate it in your heart that is 100% wrong, and puts us into conflict with Islam.

    I don't know if promiscuity is rampant among married couples but I can well understand that avenues leading in that direction sometimes latch onto us, and the more western (i.e. God nullifying - astagfirallah) life becomes (western globalist hegemony is perhaps an accurate term) the more unfaithful we may become.

  2. The last (and weakest) level of iman is to hate bad things in your heart.

    Thanks for reminding me that... For a while, I forgot about it. Yes, I shall not accept and be content with the bad things they did 100%.