Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Hui Fong!

As I've said earlier, I have a lot of things to talk about, ranging from past events in my life to heavier topics like Malaysian Studies (read Malaysian politics).

But before it's too late, let's talk about Hui Fong's 21st birthday today! :D
Hui Fong celebrated her 21st birthday last Thursday, on 21st October 2010.
As the tradition goes, the 21st birthday is somehow the "key-giving ceremony" day, where the birthday girl @ boy is considered mature enough to decide on his/her life.

I'm not sure whether this is a "Western" or eastern tradition, but since my aunt mentioned about it too, let's just assume this tradition exists in eastern tradition as well. :)
Thus, all of us will not want to under-celebrate this memorable day of hers.

On Wednesday 20th October, one day before her birthday, all of us have already planned a surprise midnight birthday party for her. And lucky enough, she'll be spending that night in Bukit Jalil because her parents are not at home thus it is quite unsafe for her to be at home alone, walking in and out to campus.

I've started preparing a birthday present for her since last year, yes last year.
It was a collection of our pictures binded in an album.
That night, after 9pm I drove to Bukit Jalil and spent the time in August and friends' house waiting for the clock to strike 12. We were preparing a video of birthday wishes for her and wrapping up her presents. It was quite a hectic scene that night in the house, while Hui Fong was happily studying in another house in another apartment (Vista C) with some other friends.

At 11.45pm, we walked to Vista C and waited in front of the lobby lift. The boys where Hui Fong was with will have to bring her down, without spilling the beans that all of us were readily waiting downstairs. As soon as the lift door opened, we barged in and sang a birthday song for her. My my, she was very surprised. Apaprently, the boys told her that they're going to our place for celebration.

We then went into the boys' house for celebration (aiks, the house was messy! haha)..

See the house condition? Should I say this is a typical boys' house?
Honestly, I've never been to any other only boys house before.

Cut 8 or cut 16?

Birthday girl concentrating on cutting the cake

After cutting the cake, of course, we played some nasty and dirty games.
Nay, it was just rubbing the remainder of the cake on other people's face and hair.
Hui Fong was attacked quite a lot that night, particularly by me.
Apparently some friends were quite surprised to see me playing cakes with Hui Fong. Ugh, I'm not that boring okay..

Almost all of us were dirty

Heheh... Lap lap..

Before arranging ourselves to take a group picture...

The group picture. Camera was set on self-timer mode. :)

Another pose, I was thinking of dragon ball at this time. :D

Us girls.
Don't we look like a basketball team? :p

After the celebration that night, we played Mafia; a new game I've heard about a lot of times before. I was "killed" very early in that game, by none other than the birthday girl herself!

That night, I slept with August in her room. :)
And while waking up the next morning, trying to tip toe out of the room to perform Subuh prayer without waking August up, I crashed into her fan! Hahaha.. That woke August like lightning. So maluu...

The next day, we continued the celebration at Pizza Hut Sri Petaling.
Okay, let me tell you...
The service was very bad! Don't go there! I rarely criticise openly like this, but let's just not go to the same Pizza Hut again, can we?

I spent quite a lot for this celebration.
Luckily her birthday comes only once a year. Heheh...
But nevermind, I always believe, "There's a will, there's a way"
If I really want to spend for her, I'm sure I'll be able to get the money somewhere, by hook or by crook.


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