Monday, October 18, 2010

Women With No Morals

This entry was taken from a Pakistani girl's blog. Her name is Raisa.
Do have a read, it might stir some feelings and emotions in you. :)

Women with no morals.

My friend, Rabeeya, told me about a girl in the USA, Karen Owen, who had sex with 14 different athletes in Duke University, and then wrote a thesis about it which she sent to her friends via email. She included vivid descriptions about her sexual encounters and eventually everyone in the university found out about it. After she became a mini-celebrity, she was offered a book deal, and now she will soon be a published author.

Rabeeya: That girl is such a slut! Why would anyone do such a thing and be proud of it? And I can’t believe that people are actually rewarding her for her behavior. See those are the kind of women they have in America; women with no morals.

Raisa: I don’t think you can judge her for what she did. Just because her morals are different than yours doesn’t mean that she has none. Morals are subjective.

Rabeeya: Yea but Americans are always talking about freedom for women and telling us in Pakistan that we need to ‘free’ our women. If that’s what they call freedom, having sex with 14 guys and then being proud about it, then I don’t want to have that kind of freedom.

Raisa: I don’t agree with what Karen Owen did, and I’m not justifying her actions. All I’m saying is that she has every right to do whatever she wants to do. Look, there are all kinds of people in America. I know some American girls who don’t want to have sex until they’re married. The point is that women do have freedom there. You get to do whatever you want.

Rabeeya: I think it’s wrong what she did. She is tarnishing women’s reputation everywhere. This is why American society is so corrupt. Instead of condemning her, they are rewarding her.

Raisa: Why should anyone condemn her? She made a personal decision to do something. It’s not up to society to judge her morality. It’s a matter between her and God. Would you rather prefer it to be like it is in Iran, where a woman gets stoned because she has sex with someone?

Rabeeya: No, Iran is just an extreme example. But come on, this girl will get a book deal out something so stupid. Do you know how many women have to work their asses off to make a living? And this girl just goes and sleeps with a bunch of guys and now she’s famous because of it.

Raisa: Yes, she got an easy ride towards a book deal. But why are you so upset? Rabeeya, we have to learn to live and let live. I’m not trying to preach, but we have to stop acting like this.

Rabeeya: Oh shut up Raisa. You’re nothing but an American apologist.

Rabeeya thinks that American women have no morality. In fact, she says this about most Western women. She views the world according to the way that she was raised. Sex is a very important thing for women in Pakistan. It’s a matter of pride and honor for a woman. When she chooses to have sex, she is giving a part of herself to the other person. We are raised to make sure that we guard ourselves and wait for someone worthy.

So according to Rabeeya, Karen Owen degraded herself by doing what she did. I don’t think Karen Owen made the smartest decision to do what she did either. However, I tried to understand why she acted the way she did. I know that in her society, she was raised a certain way. Sex may or may not be as big a deal for her as it is for me. Just like a Muslim woman should not be judged because she chooses to wear the veil, I think Karen Owen should not be judged just because she chooses to have sex with multiple partners either. Everyone makes personal decisions in their life, and those decisions are based on their own set of circumstances. Who are we to judge what others do?

So, read every line of the conversation and how the two girls differ in their opinions?
What is your opinion then?

Perhaps to avoid being judged, I can't give my best opinion yet.
However, what Rabeeya said is correct too, the Americans (or rather Westerns) are always saying that many women are oppressed, and that category of oppressed women include the Muslims.
But if to have sex with 14 different men, and be proud of it is a sign of freedom, I would never want to have that kind of freedom.

"Everyone makes personal decisions in their life, and those decisions are based on their own set of circumstances", quoted from Raisa.
Well, that is also true. However, should the society really AWARD Karen Owen for the "report" she did? Isn't that a sign of approval by the society?
Don't tell me EVERYONE in the society had the same circumstances Karen Owen was in? Until they forsake the morale of the younger generation?
(society referring to book publisher and people who approve the book)

Perhaps Karen Owen made a mistake, and she was ignorant of it. Perhaps she doesnt know that she wasn't suppose to be proud of it, and publish it for the public. Perhaps she doesn't have to punished heavily for it, but should she really be awarded for it?
Who knows, after this another girl will come out with another "report", "My Experience of Having Sex with 20 Strangers".

This is almost like the case where when a child taking other people's belonging. Instead of telling the boy that it is not right to take other people's belonging and at the same time remembering the boy is still a child, the parents chose to applaud for the child because apparently, he knows how to judge "good and valuable thing".



  1. Don't forget, there are elements in western society (and now in most societites) that want to promote this kind of behaviour and they do a lot to publicise it. It's not just this Karen Owen.

    This Raisa person supports a strange 'one way street' of looking at freedom. What of the guys freedom to have their sexual encounters with this 'Beware: low-flying knickers' girl kept private? Its possilbe they never knew of her behaviour.

    Raisa is 'buying' into the godless 'myth' of freedom. She clerly has only a skin-deep Hollywood understanding of life and liberty.

    Watch this extract
    fast forward to 2:25

  2. How many of those men were emotionaly hurt by this woman and people say woman have rights this behavior hurts people and behavior that hurts someone else is wrong. Unless all these men knew she was just using them for sex then this is wrong.