Monday, November 29, 2010

The 2H Fever

I'm sure Miss Diana Rizal will understand the title of my post today. =p

Well, "2H" is the nickname I gave to both my cousins; Hazeem and Haaziq.
Yes, I blogged about them before, almost a year ago. Phew, time really rocket.
A year ago, they came and stay over at my house for about a month. Then they went back to their parents hse. Last Thursday, again they came and stay two nights, for their father is in Mecca for pilgrimage and their mother had something on.

So yes, the 2H fever attacked and brought my immune system down again!!
They are very cute, and yes I mean what I said wrote.

I have no idea how to write more about them, so let the pictures do all the talking!

Kak, are you sure I have to raise both hands and put them on my head? I feel weird...


Don't you try mess with me! 

The last time I wrote about these two kids, they were still 4 and 2 yr olds. Now they are 5 and 3 yr olds!
And the older one knows how to spell ABC already, and their languages are now a lot easier to understand.
Although the "cing cing cing" is still there (read my post abt them to know what does that mean, heh)

And my my, look how much they have grown since a year ago!

More about the pictures:
1) I wasn't involved in taking them. My sister was responsible for it, she used my camera while I was digging up facts from my brain to answer exam Qs.

2) All the pictures above are pictures of Haaziq, the 3 yr old kid. I do not know why aren't there many Hazeem's pictures. Perhaps he's more camera-shy, while the younger brother is.......well, you can see for urself.

3) The poses by Haaziq were all instructed by my sister, who is very much a fan of korean stars. Thus, if you notice, he looks like a mini, cuter Korean guy

4) Diana, these were the pictures that I asked you not to view in my camera this afternoon in MidValley. Haha... 

Both of them, after being washed and wrapped by my brother. Oh man, they really rocked my house! They kept moving and giggling, I couldn't get a non-shaky picture.
Click! I dont have enough teeth!!


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