Thursday, November 25, 2010

CSU Session

Like I mentioned last night, while most of my batchmates are studying at home, I need to come for my Skills Centre Session, and it was on urinary catheterisation.

And I tell you, it was one of the most fun, but also at the same time, a hard-to-forget session.
Urinary catheterisation is basically putting in a tube into a patient's urethra, up to the bladder to empty the bladder.
It is usually done pre-operatively.

So, the session started off with a video showing a doctor putting in the catheter into male patient's urethra.
And when the doctor put in the lubricating gel INTO the patient's urethra and squeeze the gel-containing bottle to pass more gel INTO the urethra, almost all boys guys in the briefing room squeaked and uttered "Ouch!!".
Of course, it was like a forced reversed urination!
And there I was, sitting in the middle of two guys.
I dared not even breath properly while watching the video, what more to let out a squeak.
I closed my mouth with my palm, and pressed it hard on my face; expressing myself.

Can you imagine a catheter being shoved up INTO the place where you urinate from?

Then comes the (almost) real part. Since we are not going to touch any real living patient yet, it is still an almost reality.
After being divided into smaller groups, we have a lecturer teaching 11 of us.
Tay, my friend was chosen to be the "patient" and I was chosen to be the "doctor in charge". And we had to do a role play. I was supposed to introduce myself and explain to him that I will need to catheterise him for his CABG procedure the next day. Well, you dont want just anyone to come and poke you unnecessarily, do you?

The conversation goes.....

Me: Hye, my name is Akmar. I am.....the physician (we usually introduced ourselves as medical stdnt. I hesitated to call myself a physician, heh) on call for tonight. How my I address you?

Tay: My name is Tay
Or something like that..can't remember his exact words.

Me: Mr Tay YZ. Correct?

Tay: Yes

Me: So you are scheduled for a surgery tomorrow. Tonight, I need to put a catheter.... err.... a device... err... (we aren't supposed to use medical jargons. And at this point of time, one of my friend helped and said, "tube") ..yes, a tube.. into your...... your...... pe.... pe...... (I looked into my friends' eyes, if they can help me saying the word out, or give me a better word for it) into your...... pe......nis?

Everyone including the doctor laughed, and I had to repeat.

Me: I need to put a tube into your penis. (I really spoke a lot softer at that point of time.)

It was really embarrassing but lucky enough, this is still my friend I'm talking to. I might turn into a stone if he was a real patient, with the potential of scolding me back for being such a stutter.

Then I forgot how exactly the conversation goes. But someone gave me a better term for it, "where you urinate from".

On explaining why I need to catheterise him,

Me: You need to be catheterised so that...... so that..... so that your operation tomorrow will be successful. (I was already blank, half stoned here, didn't know what to say.)

And the doctor laughed. "Oh, you put a catheter and the surgery will be successful? You never know, he might die on the operating table tomorrow."

So yea, after much stuttering, I managed to finish my role play with Tay.
And after that hardwork, I was given the chance to be the first student to actually do the catheterisation on...............a model. Of course it was only on a model!

So that was how my funny CSU session went.
Funny, yes. We laughed, yes!
But it was a difficult session too! I could not afford to stutter in front of a real patient. Perhaps, this is the reason why a lot of doctors prefer to work silently and put up an insensitive, uncaring face. Because in them, the un-comfortability is tying their stomachs! :p

Okay, tomorrow is my last day to study for this month!
Exam is on Friday, and I need to rest my brain (ceh!), after that.


Tay, if you're reading this....


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