Thursday, November 25, 2010

Exam Eve

Again, I'm writing on the eve of my exam.
I tried to write at least one post every day these past few days. So far I've succeeded, except that I wrote some of the posts after 12am, which technically means, I wrote for the next day.

Anyway, I was supposed to send my parent to Bukit Jalil (BJ) bus station this morning, and spend the whole day studying in IMU. But, things did not go as planned when my mum required me to go a bank in Kajang in the morning. There is no way I would drive to BJ bus station, then to Kajang which is like the opposite end of BJ, and then come to BJ; IMU again to study.

Why am I writing about this?
Actually I do not know what to write about, I just want to write one post for today, and I do not have the time to write a PROPER opinion post. Ranting is always easier.

My exam starts at 9am tomorrow.
This exam, will influence my country placement by JPA; whether they'll send me to UK or Aussie.
*Pls send me to UK*

I have a feeling I'll change the blog's theme after the exam, give me a day or two. Or a week or two.. :p

I already have 4 appointments ahead of me, all planned within 24 hours prior to this post; such a busybody!


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