Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My Idiocity

Does that word exist? Idiocity?
I don't know. But I prefer idiocity than stupidity.
"Idiot" sounds more idiot than does "stupid" sounds stupid.

There are things that I do not want to do but I keep doing, because I want the effect of doing it.
There are things that I did, for something else, but it backfired. I got some other things instead.

There are things, I know is not good for me, but I still do occasionally.
There are also bad things, that I do a lot of times.

There are times I wished I was stronger, and there are times I wish I can just fall back and not let logic control me.

I kept cursing scolding myself for being such an idiot a soft, but I did not have the courage to walk off. In fact, I do not want to walk off.

So hard la like this.

Anyway, this post is a very random one.
I wrote it because I need to kill some time before I go to sleep.
Good night!

Perhaps I'll talk about my Raya Haji some time in the future, I may write about it tomorrow!

Stay tuned!

17th November 2010


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