Monday, November 29, 2010

My Weekend After The Exam

"busy body to tell to the world what are you thinking/doing yet like anybody really care."
-An opinion I quoted from someone's blog on why people update theirs.

I think the title (and objectives) of my post today suit(s) the quote really well. Busybody to tell the world what we're doing, or in my case, did. But really, if no one read my blog, means I did not tell "the world", and so what I wrote do not matter to most of the people. And if people do not care, they wouldn't read, unless they have more than enough time to do all the things they want in the world OR perhaps, like some people, read only to find fault with the writer. Duh, this is one type of a reader whose role is vital yet annoying.

Last night, one of my colleagues (no, I'm not working yet but lecturers are training us to call each other "colleagues", instead of "friends". Sounds cool too, heh) asked me how did my holiday go. And for the first time since my exam three days ago, I actually started to think, how did it go? And my answer was, "I went to One Utama yesterday, Mid Valley and Petaling Street today, with 3 different people. And I forgot to arrange my GP Posting schedule". And I found myself amazed (at myself) ;p.
No wonder I woke up with my whole body aching this morning. How I really hope those clothes can walk themselves into the washing machine and be washed before noon, allowing me a few more hours of sleep.

On Saturday, I sent my sister to her class in PJ, and went to my aunt's house in Damansara, to send the 2H home! I then went out with them to One Utama, had a real early dinner (at 4pm!) in Kenny Roger's and after fetching my sister, I went with her (my sister) AGAIN to One Utama. Now, that's two One Utamas in a day. I reached home at almost 11pm that night. Since my mother was in Penang and my father was in Johor, the only person who nagged me and asked me to come home early was my brother. :p
Freedom is sweet, but dangerous!

When I got back, after refreshing myself, I started to resume my blog-designing work. I actually left my blog "unkempt" when I drove out to send my sister earlier that day. And so, the result of that work that night is what you are seeing now. New background, lovey dovey, pink, and very pink; though I did not change much. I tried to make quite a major change, with the idea of making this blog looks more girlish and princess-like. But with all the complicated xml coding, I surrendered at almost 2am. I suddenly had that rush of princess-like feeling this week, unable to explain why, not because I do not want to, but just because I can't explain it myself. Let's just blame it to the hormones.

On Sunday, again I had to send my sister for her class to PJ, in the morning. And I went to Mid Valley to meet Diana soon after. We watched "The Social Network"' a movie made based on the book "The Accidental Billionaires" by Ben Mezrich. The movie revolves around the two lawsuits filed against Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook (yes, Facebook). For a thrill, action, romance or comedy fan, this movie might prove itself boring and showed no definite plot. But I was charmed by the languages used in it. Mark was depicted as a witty, sarcastic, piercingly smart but, not so much of a trusted friend. I am not trying to write a review, perhaps it'll be better to watch it yourself.

Mark is a very pitiful character to me, he is the youngest billionaire in the States, but is also one of the loneliest person on Earth. It's sometimes amazing to see what kind of situation people land themselves into. I know a lot of people who not only do not know how to appreciate, but also at the same time, hurt.

I became so absorbed into the movie that I can't get over it. I kept thinking of the story, the betrayal, the programmings, the wit and a lot other aspects of the movie. And today, I actually googled Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, the Winklevoss brothers (or The Winklevi, as Mark wittily called them in the movie), Sean Parkers and a lot other names I watched in the movie.

And from what I read so far, the story did not depict the truth behind what happened to the lawsuit filed against the real Mark Zuckerberg. This is quite a made-up story. I could not find any information on Eduardo Saverin suing his bestfriend, Mark of cheating. Perhaps I havent read enough. And I depended on wikipedia for all the information, though I found wikipedia not so reliable, and the personal appeal by the Mr Wales on top of every page is annoying.

I know this post is already very long, and most of the readers (if any) might have left or sighed, seeing the length of it but, I can't stop myself from telling what I did AFTER the movie; since the title of this post is "My Weekend After The Exam", and I had 48hrs of weekend.

Diana and I went for lunch at The Chicken Rice Shop, and while waiting to be seated, I managed to take a picture of the hungered, bored and tensed Miss Diana. And some of our pictures while having lunch!

My sister came to Mid Valley (I asked her to take public transport and paid for her cab fare afterwards), and off we went to KL City Centre. Our first destination was the Central Market, but due to the packed parking space, we went to Petaling Street and walked around, looking for the farewell party stuff my sister had to buy. After buying NOTHING, I repeat, NOTHING (unless if you consider two glasses of longan drinks as something), we headed to Damansara, my aunt's house again to return her car. Okay, the part of the story of how her car is with me, is too long to be told here and I do not wish to torture the readers more by writing a separate post on that so, let just accept the fact that I went to return her car.

After sending Diana to Sri Petaling LRT station, I drove back home and soon after, my colleague asked me, "How was your holiday?". And like I said earlier, my answer was "I went to One Utama yesterday, Mid Valley and Petaling Street today, with 3 different people. And I forgot to arrange my GP Posting schedule". Perhaps if he were to ask me the same question later today, and something else have triggered me to write this post, I might answer him, "Go and check out my blog. You'll know how my holiday went".

With that, stay tuned!

November 29, 2010



  1. When I first started my current blog, I took an oath (to myself) that I wouldn't care if people read my blog or not. My blog would simply an alternative for other to "keep in touch" with me. Knowing that I post up new post each week show that I'm still alive and kicking.

    So, if someone tell me,

    "busy body to tell to the world what are you thinking/doing yet like anybody really care."

    I'll probably smile and say "Like I care"


    Love the "You don't get 500 million friends and without making a few enemies".

    BTW, I read each word of your post without any loss of interest. Keep it up, dear !

    (Now my comment is too long)

  2. Haha.. No, your comment is not too long :)
    I like it.
    Btw, maybe you should read my post titled "CSU Session".

    It has something to do with u! :p

  3. "clothes can walk themselves into the washing machine and be washed "


    "I managed to take a picture of the hungered, bored and tensed Miss Diana."

    Was i that bad. ? it was past 2pm kan. i was straving beb. really i cant stand starving.
    i was full like beruang when we were done in the chicken rice shop.
    its unfair u didnt take my beruang face pic too :(

    how come there's no story when i was complimented by the Bangladeshi at china town.
    any how, u put up effort to write the outing, thanks beb. and i merely put any sentence on my tumblr.