Sunday, November 14, 2010

Semester 4

My heart still thumped very hard at any sudden sight of a black Toyota Avanza. While my eyes hunt for the vehicle's registration number, my heart was praying fast. Praying for the best. And till now, that agonising reflex action always end with a huge relieved sigh. I found myself wondering, "Why do I still feel like this?". My logic told me it's because, I have an unfinished business.

My semester 4 is ending, in 2 weeks time.
And early this week, I found myself waking up and freaked out, thinking of the exam.
I had been playing all these while, planning activities, doing unplanned activities, and wandered in my own fantasy world.
Now that I'm starting to hear the footsteps of exam nearing, I felt restless but at the same time, energy-less. How irony.

And not only that, my maid is no more here with me. :(
Yes, I have to admit now. I was raised having a maid doing almost all the household chores.
My mum is a full time teacher, giving tuitions everywhere.
Alhamdulillah, she's blessed with extra income allowing her to hire a maid.
And I have been having this same maid since I was 10.
I practically grew up with her, almost spoilt.

I rarely do household chores although, in my own defense I must say I know how to do them, just that I am not trained to.
I still do house chores on the weekends when she went for holidays.
And the last time she went back to Indonesia was after I had my PMR, and I did the household chores back then.

And this time, she's again on a one month leave, to Indonesia.
I sent her to the airport this morning.

I can't imagine how am I supposed to do the chores and at the same time, study hard for my exam. I know other girls are doing it too but.....(ok, I'm trying to be pitiful here).

My mum is laughing hard, saying this is just the perfect time for me to train myself before furthering my studies overseas. She's always worried I might starve myself over there, unable to cook and lazy to go out to buy meals. She went even further worrying of how can I take care of my own family later.

My my, I know pretty well all her worries are on a solid base.
But I'm still worried, I might not be able to do it.
My mum also said she's grateful that with the course I'm taking now, insyaAllah I can afford to have a maid for myself in the future BUT, that is absolutely not an excuse I can give to avoid doing housechores. There are just too many examples of women not being able to look after the house properly, depending solely on the maid and the maid is not doing a good job. She added, the reason we have such a wonderful maid is partly because she herself was trained in housechores thus, she can train the maid.

In my own defense again, I have to say that I know how to cook.......simple dishes.
Don't expect a rendang or kari or tomyam from me, please. ;p
Be considerate, thank you.
And my mum have been teasing me for being able to cook spaghetti better than nasi lemak. She said I'll not be able to proudly say I'm of Asian culture when I go overseas later. :(

Anyway, I'm praying for the best.
May this one month fly fast, and hopefully Kak Ra comes back to Malaysia.
There are just too many cases of maids refusing to come back, perhaps because they was married off there.

Btw, yesterday someone very dear to me told me that her boyfriend of 5 yrs had proposed to her, and planned to get married next year. And she is my age! I was very happy for her. Although she emphasised she isn't ready to be married at 21, the happiness when she told me the news could not be denied. What more when she told me the guy had bought a piece of land for their house. Oh btw, that guy is also our age.
Funnily, even after emphasising she is not ready, and do not want to tell her parents of the proposal yet, she had actually chosen the date 11.11.2011 as her memorable date! Hahahah...
Unfortunately, if that's really the date, there's a huge possibility I might not be able to make it to her wedding. I might not be in Malaysia anymore. :(
Anyway, V, I pray for the best for you.
Tak elok melambat2kan membina masjid. Hahah...



  1. Haha nice post. I'm just a bit curious here..a guy my age could afford buying a piece of land for a girl? His own money or his parents' money? just being sarcastic here and maybe a little jealous. Don't worry much about having to do all the household chores and managing your studies at the same time. It's a good turning point..if not when will you start doing the chores yourself without this 'pushing factor?' hehe..remind me of my first few weeks in manchester... i can't even cook rice hahah..and everytime when i cooked i had to call my mum at least three times asking for recipes. Even after she gave me the recipes how do I go about which one goes into the cooking pan first'll find your way like i did..

    p/s: your steamed chicken is the best akmar (though your tom yam might not be as good as atikah's), and you bake well..take pride in that haha

  2. doc, kuew teow goreng kaw 1 ! :D
    p/s: hapi "house-chore-ing".. ~lalalaaaaaaaaaa