Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Study La, Akmar!

I've noticed, I write when I feel I need some rest.
So, when it's very near to my exam, and I spend most of my time with my books, I tend to write more, because I need more rest.
Where as, during the earlier part of the semester, I spent more time on a lot other things thus, I feel bad if I write, for I could use that hour I spent on writing to study.

And now, at only 11.15pm, my eyes are half closed (or half open, depending on whether your glass is half full or half empty).

I think I am a very spoilt medical student.
My friend in India has been sleeping 4,5 hrs only a day, while on this side of the world, I can't function well if I have less than 7 hrs of sleeping. How SPOILT!

And no matter how much I say I am spoilt, I will still go to sleep after writing this post.

While my friend was cheering for our last lecture for Semester 4 this evening, I looked at her eyes, frowned a bit, and said... "I have CSU tomorrow morning".

And she roared into laughter.
Yes, while almost all my batchmates are now on holiday (read study days), I need to attend my Clinical Skills Session tomorrow at 10.30am.
And she said the class tomorrow will be on catheterisation. Ouch!
I can't imagine being put a urinary catheter. Pain pain...

Okay, till then.

Tuesday 23rd Nov 2010
11.22pm (I spent like 10mins writing this post, and I will not check for any grammatical mistakes and edit them tonight).

* Let your bite be bigger than your bark *


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