Tuesday, December 28, 2010


1)What kind of people do things that they knew they'll regret it after some time?

2) What kind of people let other people bully them over and over again, over almost the same thing each time?
- Weaks

3) What kind of people refuse to think much for the wrongdoings they've done, instead just accept the wrongdoings as "weakness"?

4) What have I been thinking of?
- Even if you do not want to play hard-to-get, at least don't play cheap!

Some people say I am being emotional in the blog. Well, I have to admit that.
One of my friend said he would like people to leave his blog, feeling happy and enlightened.
But I dont think I can do that favour for my readers, sorry yea!

One day when I was doing my A-Levels in INTEC, I injured one of my fingers and put a plaster on it. The next day while in campus, one of my friends noticed the plaster (just by passing beside me, not even looking at me) and asked about my finger and how did I get it injured. I was quite surprised he noticed the plaster. Not many people actually notice that kind of things, in such a short time.

Then I left INTEC earlier than he does.
A year later, he was already in IMU and we talked.
Destined, I was again wearing a plaster on my finger though I could not remember if it was the same one.
And again, he noticed the plaster and asked about it.

I didn't tell him and I do not know if he remembers that, about a year ago, he asked the same question to me.

But that made me realise, some people are just very observant and cared enough to ask.
To some people, a plaster on the finger is not a big deal (well it is), thus there is no need to ask.
But, does it hurt to ask?

I hope people will ask if there is an arm sling.
And lucky enough, people do care to ask about that limping leg.

But why do some people just ignore that little plaster on the finger?
Or the absence of smile on that face?
Or the frowning of the eyebrow?
Or that tired eyes?

What exactly that we get at the expense of being caring and humble enough to ask about our friends?

Actually, this is not what I planned to write.
I do not know how I arrived to this, I just did.
And oh, why did I suddenly recall the plaster incident?
Because again, I injured my hand today. But this time, it was on the palm....

Tuesday 28th Dec 2010



  1. hey akmar. hope you're doing fine. heh. (still trying to digest the main point here) anyway,i'd figured out i'd leave a comment here instead of conteng your fb wall (and because i noticed your chatbox tu mcm byk kne spam je? no?)

    p/s: i don't know why i'm still waiting too :(

  2. Uhhooo..
    Yup, I'm doing fine.
    Thanks.... :)

    Ye laa...
    Dulu my chatbox was very sunyi sepi, tiba2 banyak plk comments, but from spamming sites.

  3. ahha, anyway, "life's too short for all the ups and downs" tu da tuka jd draft. heh. so just ignore that. :D

    it's almost 2011! ah rase dah tua gile!