Sunday, December 26, 2010

An Escape from Reality

Last Friday, 17th Dec was the last day of my Community Medicine selectives, which was also the exam day for the course, the first day of my holiday, and unfortunately, was also the day I went to collect my summative result from the AAD. Though I had to say I should never be proud of the result (and I even got my mother to call and scolded me for the results the next day), I embarked on the journey to fantasy right after the exam.

The holiday cost me my internet access, which explains the silence of this blog. With no internet access, I was voluntarily kidnapped from my work and projects, into a world where I only have to think of what to eat for the next meal, and how am I going to spend the time.
I even have time to read the newspaper! (And sympathised over the tragic Cameron Highland bus crash).
And oh no, I am talking as if I have a multi-billion worth of business deal in hands.. ;p

From Malacca to Penang and to Genting Highland in 10 days, wahh... it really was a holiday.
And why am I talking so vaguely, not explaining my holiday tripS?
Well, I do not have the time now to write about all of them (plus the fact that I don't think they are interesting to be read).
So let the explanation be just this for the moment. :D

It has been a long time since I was scolded by my mum for my results, the scolding this time gave me two impacts;
1) A shock which brought me to realisation that this is SERIOUS, since I get scoldings but also
2) A grin, since I find it kinda funny to be scolded after so long. What two totally opposite feelings to have.
No wonder people say,

"Some women just continue to love with intense hatred"

Whoa.. That quote was so out-of-the-blue.
Nvm, just take it as a good catch line I remembered from the korean drama I just watched less than an hour ago. :)

Sunday, 26th Dec 2010

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