Thursday, December 30, 2010


It's one day before the starting of a new year. I don't plan to make this post as my end-of-year post; I plan to write one tomorrow.

I've been reading other people's blog, and writing my own too, almost one post a day.
And I noticed I've been writing a lot of personal stuff; what I did and where I went, compared to my opinions on certain issues.

One of my friends pointed out in his blog that people post weird status-es on their facebook wall.
Though all the lovey-dovey statuses are weird enough for me, according to him statuses like "Thank God, I completed my fast today", or "Oh God, forgive me for all my wrongdoings" are also weird. Why do you tell the whole world that you fasted today?
Or why do you announce that you are praying for forgiveness?
Even when the right hand is giving, it's best that the left is unaware of it.
It is comparable to standing in the middle of a field and screaming your lungs out, telling you're praying to God for forgiveness, or blessings; just that people nowadays are using a different media for it.

Well yes, I do agree with him for some extent.
It's rather weird to tell people that you fasted today; it's almost like announcing your deeds, which will make the deed less worthy since it might not be done out of pure sincerity.
But I also believe, they just want to share if not with everyone, with a specific someone.

How many times have you read someone's status and felt like that status is directed towards you, or someone you know. How many times have you posted a status that is so vague, and incomprehensive to other people but is directed to a specific someone?
How many times have you read a blog post directed towards someone, or even write a blog post directed to someone? Tumblr-iing about someone?

Well, I have done all that, quite a lot of times.
Posting something like, "I hope this moment last forever"; it is not a status that everyone in my friend list will understand. Most of them do not know what is that exact moment I'm talking about but, someone who is sharing that moment with me, and is also in facebook, will definitely understand, and responds (if that person's smart enough, but most of the time, haiz.....).

So, when someone posted "Oh God, forgive me for all my wrongdoings" in their fb, it is to see if there is anyone who cared enough and ask what are the wrongdoings. And it's not solely to ask for forgiveness, we have better medium for it. :)
When someone asked what are the wrongdoings, with the intention of offering advise and just to share the stories, then the purpose of the status is achieved.

Or perhaps when someone posted, "Oh God, help me go through all these challenges and sufferings". Most probably the person is hoping that person who is putting him/her in that hot pot will realise her/his sufferings, and try to alleviate it.

After all, that's what I see other people is doing.
Isn't it?
Hopefully "to share" is the real intention, instead of "showing off".

With that, adios!



  1. awat pedas berbise post hang niyyhhhh

  2. Hi babe. Im reading this post afew times to really get what you mean.

    Quoting the last sentence “Hopefully "to share" is the real intention, instead of "showing off".

    For me personally, I don’t care if the specific person reads my particular status/blog post/tumblr etc. what matters is expressing the feeling on something, like you said, a medium. And definitely there’ll be someone reading it. That is already sufficient for me.


    you post personal stuff on your blog, it helps you feels better rite? Knowing someone is reading it. Doesn’t matter if people could understand the underlying meaning or not.

    For me, I put my troublesome/worrying thoughts and “emotional mess” on tumblr. And I feel so much better after that.

    I believe different people have different ways of expressing how they feel. Some people tend to keep everything to themselves but they might do other things to keep themselves distracted and hopefully ‘to eventually forget about it’.


    I wished I could write good reviews about issues and see things at different perspectives but usually it has to come with much passion, interest and also depth in terms of facts and the whereabouts regarding the particular issue.

    People like us in the medical line, mostly spent time in front of our books, journals or in the laboratory or CSU/hospital attachment for example.

    When we get home at the end of the day, we’re just too worn out to get into the matter.
    We would rather go read it on some ‘highly educated/well exposed’ people's blog to get the insights rite?

    Unless we’re on hols or or on a fairly good mood and think that the issue is worth writing/blogging for, then we’ll put in some energy& time into it.

  3. Aha...

    Unfortunately lately I left that "medical line".
    Just like your last paragraph. :)