Monday, December 27, 2010


No, I am not writing to express how boring or how excited my holiday has gone so far. I am writing to say that I need to study during this peaceful holiday of mine because I am entering my final semester in IMU next February (Whoa! Time Rockets!). And I really need to mug up a lot since I did not do so well in the last summative exam. Not only that, I will be having my GP Posting next week and according to Beya, the doctor likes to ask questions, diagnoses and things like that. If I don't start studying now, all that almost rusty knowledge in me won't come out when needed.

They need some warming up, at least one week earlier.

But at the same time, I crave to watch movies and dramas.
I am addicted to both Korean and Canto drama(s) now.
And I have not watch Season 6 House yet, while the season 7 is already selling!
And I want to go to Sogo, since it is Year End Sale now.
And I want to go out with my friends.

And there are a lottt other things I want to do.

And I think I am uselessly complaining now.
Let's just get back to Earth.
And start studying!!!

Monday 27th Dec 2010


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