Monday, December 13, 2010

Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show 2010

My father works for a Japanese advertising company.
And for the past 10days, he had been busy because the company is managing the Honda exhibition in KL Motor Show in PWTC.
The expo was held for 10days in PWTC, and today (12th Dec, Sunday) is the last day.
And my father's boss gave him 2 free tickets. :)

So, the rest is history.

The two tickets were actually meant for me and brother, but since my sister tagged along, we cheated, gave only two tickets but 3 ppl went in. It's either the staff at the counter "pretended" did not notice the extra of one person, or I was so good in hiding my siblings, heh...

And the first car we saw was Bezza. And man, it was really really beautiful!

See.... Nice isn't it?
With the concept of maximum interior and maximum interior, Bezza really caught our attention.

And guess what..........
It is by PERODUA!!!

I was soooo haapppyyy.... (ok, this so geds)

But really, it's unexpected to see such a wonderful car design by a local car manufacturer.
I'm not sure if this is something like Naza Ria (where the design came from KIA) but in the information given for Bezza, the designing team consists of locals and one Japanese man. So I hope this Bezza is a pure Malaysian.

Some other pictures from the expo.

GTR by Nissan (said my brother)

Lekir, by Proton. It's a sports car. Proton came out with a series of Lekir, Tuah, Jebat, Kasturi etc. I dont think these cars are pure Malaysian, I'm not sure though. But seeing that Proton suddenly came out with a lot of beautiful cars, I dont think they are originally ours.

One good thing I observed today was, the models for Proton wear really decent attire! Long sleeves with long pants, unlike models of other car manufacturers, mini skirts with sleeveless blouse.

Too bad I dont have the pictures of the models.
That ego inner voice in me told me not to take their pics.

Lotus Esprit.
This car can accelerate from 0 to 100kmph in only 4.8 secs!
I have started imagining nasty things I can do with this car. Hahah...

Yes, that's a Bumble Bee behind him.

Modelling.. :p

I do not know why, but this Camaro car excites my brother. And he said guys will also be drooling over this car.

We set off to PWTC after performing our Maghrib at Masjid Bukhari, KL.
And before that , we were in Low Yat and even before that, we were in KLCC.
And now my feet are really aching.
And my eyes are getting tired.

Anyway, I am just very happy to see a lot of new Malaysian cars. I hope I can see them on the roads soon, though I wont be able to drive them for at least another 3yrs to come.

With that, good night!

13th Dec 2010 Monday


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