Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Holiday So Far

Somehow, I don't really see my holidays as holidays now.

During high school years, I used to cherish holiday as a time that I do not have to think about studying, AT ALL. All I did was watching TV, going out with family to places like Planetarium, National Science Centre, museum here and there, parks here and there, going out with some friends, and some other activities along that line.

But now, even though I pretty much do these same things while on a holiday, I still have that "I NEED TO STUDY!" thoughts barging into my mind. And up until now, I have not revised much, not as planned before at least. I was supposed to start studying Semester 3 stuff, preparing myself for the final exam in 5 months time. Uh! Now that I thought of it, there are only 5 months left before my final exam in IMU!

But, even though I have not studying, I would not say I've been wasting my holiday (though I did not really use it fully for beneficial purposes). My holiday is so full of non-academic activities, you could call them Extra Curricular Activities if you want, so much for that highly-in-demand ECA certs the partner medical schools are asking for.

It's kinda scary however, knowing that my ECA certs are all not the ones favoured by the partner medical schools. I wonder how excited will the schools be seeing my certs comprise mostly of the word "Palestine", "Islam" and "Muslim"? They might think they will have to take in a terrorist-in-making, hahah..
Yea right, I can carry a gun and plant a bomb at the basement carpark if you really wanna know what am I capable of. :D

I am still waiting for JPA money to come in, I have to say I am really going broke now, and I thank God that I am still in Malaysia. At least I can put up that pitiful face to my mum and she'll give me some pocket money for me to survive until JPA decides it's time to feed us. Imagine being alone in a country thousand miles away from home, and you're broke. :(

And the Chinese New Year is coming! I can't wait to go back Penang and eat all that delicious foods my aunts gonna prepare for us, and the legacy reunion steamboat dinnner, and angpows!

Oh by the way, I've watched it. :D
I've watch the much talked about Japanese drama; One Litre of Tears.

This drama was once the topic of discussion of some of my friends and I had to keep quiet during the discussion bcos I have not watched it. And that was a year ago. Now, I can proudly say I enjoyed watching it though the drama really had a lot of sad, emotional scenes in it. It's a good drama. I even downloaded them, and will have them burned into DVD.

M holiday is ending in 2, 3 weeks time!
Then, the 2 hours of class a day routine is going to resume, and I'll be talking more and more of exams. "Finals", they seem endless don't they?


p/s: The gun and bombing skills were a joke, if you have not figured that out yet.

And oh btw, I received 3 pageviews from Israel. How reliable is this "stats" service by Blogger?

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