Thursday, January 27, 2011

We Really Can Only Plan

Today, 27th January 2011.
I was supposed to have some meetings in IMU regarding the project I am working on.
My mother and two other siblings are supposed to be at school.
My brother, who have just got his driving license few months ago were supposed to send mum and siblings to school, and meet his would-be-mentor soon after, around 10.30am.

At 10.30 am, I had just started my meeting, he called me.
An SOS call, asking me to come to him at once.
He was involved in an accident, he hit no one but the car was severely damaged. He doesn't even dare to call mum yet, he called me straight away. I was split into two, I felt like going to him at once but this meeting have just started. And it was very very hard for me to get this meeting done, it has been postponed from one month to another.

Thinking over it carefully, I decided I could not do anything even if I go to him so I asked him to call mum. Mum called insurance people to come and tow his car. And from there, all our plans changed.

I need to rush back from the meeting, and after fetching mum and siblings from school, we were all stranded for a few hrs in the police station. And my mother was summoned RM150, for "carelessness and negligence". I need to fetch my brother from the workshop, send in all the necessary documents to claim insurance, and things like that.

It's irritating, but amazing to see how my whole plan for the day was ruined. Just because of a boy, who is now grounded, and perhaps have to pay any extra payment my mother has to make.


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