Monday, February 21, 2011

2 Dreams in a Night

Okay, I know it is quite irrelevant of me to write about my dreams but really, this is my blog so I'm gonna write what I want as long as it does not hurt any other people.

Last night, I had more than one dreams. I am sure of it. But I can only remember two of them clearly. The rest were so vague that I remember almost nothing.

Dream #1.

I got to Manchester Univ.

It was such a weird dream because I didn't actually board a plane there. I just got there.
And I didn't even know I was going there. Suddenly I find myself in my hostel room, with my senior and an officer. That officer was explaining the regulations of the hostel. And the room was huge, with a big study table, a queen sized bed, a single sized bed and few other bed frames that have not been assembled. So I was curious, with such a big room, will I be sleeping alone?

And to my surprise, the officer said yes. He instructed me to dismantle any beds I do not want to use, and organise + decorate the room myself. I got so excited since I like decorating rooms. My senior then told me she will get another room.

And weird enough, my family do not know I was there. I was transported there without their knowledge. But, I still have to pass my EOS5 in order to be accepted into the university. So this visit to Manchester really is just for me to have a sneak peek into my room, and the buildings there. Other than that, I do not know what is the purpose of this visit. What I know is, I'll be back in Malaysia after the visit.

I then ran to the nearest grocery shop to buy myself top up card to call back home and letting my mother know that I am in Manchester. Of course, I have only Malaysian Ringgit so when I asked for a $10 worth of top up, the shop owner had to convert RM to USD to (what currency do they use in UK? Euro? Pound? Whatever... ), and I had to pay RM20++.

And then, the dream ended.


People say we dream of what we think the most.
But I really did not think of anything about Manchester yesterday.
I always find dream amusing, and misleading.

Dream #2.

The Palestine awareness week in IMU had finally started.

A talk was going on in the seminar room, but there weren't enough audience!
The room was almost empty, only about 10 students turned up. The organisers were actually targeting at least 30 students.

It was so awkward to have renowned speakers talking to 10 people in a room that can fit more than 30 students. So I had to run to the atrium and driveway, and instructed all the volunteers that were volunteering at the exhibition stalls to go to the talk; to make up to the number.

It was a disaster, and I was very disappointed.

The talk wasn't so successful;it did not raise the awareness of IMU students since the audience of the talk were actually instructed to go, and they are all volunteers who have had some idea of what's happening in Palestine. Those people who really do not know what is happening aren't going to the talk.

And then the dream ended.

Now, that's a real nightmare.
It would be fair to say this is one of the things I thought about during the day, since I am quite worried of the response towards this event.

I can just think of the best way to publicise the campaign, and let the rest be in the hands of God.

With this, I end this post.
Happy dreaming friends!
I wonder what will I be dreaming about tonight.

And oh yea, I have had weirder dream. One on my batch mate. We were fighting so badly that I hated him like I've never before.


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