Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ego Maniac


I've come to realise that ego maniacs exist in our daily lives. I thought they are just rare people who rarely come into the the lives of rare types of people. Apparently, ego maniacs can just be that normal person who crashed into your life, making a normal appearance and constantly annoy you. :p

As one of my friends brilliantly described another friend, "Some people are good at listening, some people are good at listening... *****, is good at talking".

Throughout my after-school life (which has not been long), I noticed that some people like to correct other people. They correct petty stuff like the words usage in an sms, the words we used in talking to them. I know I am far from perfect but, must these people really see and pinpoint all the little flaws in me? As little as ........ (i'd better not say it here, that person might be reading this, then tomorrow I'll get another msg asking me not to do it again, heh...).

So yes, just be aware friends.
Egocentrics exist among us...
And if we do not realise their signs and symptoms, we'll have a hard time just by being around them.
To make myself feel better, I constantly reminded myself, "this person is an egocentric, take whatever is said with a pinch of salt."

Try it, and you'll feel better. :D


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