Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mubarak Quits

I first realised the sufferings of the Palestinians when Op Cast Lead was on, when I was in my A Level years. At that time, I got to know that the Rafah crossing was closed by the Egyptian government. I thought Egypt closed it only during the Op, not knowing it has been closed way before the Op Cast Lead and will still be closed up to this very day.

Having known that Malaysian government sent a lot of our students to Egypt under scholarships, I asked my friends why didn't our government bring all the students back, as a sign of protest to the Egyptian government? If Venezuelan president can chase the Zionist ambassador out of his country, why can't Malaysian government, a Muslim country at the very least do something comparable?

May 19, 2008. Hosni Mubarak shaking hands with Zionist Defense Minister, Ehud Barak accompanied by Egypt Defense Minister, Mohammed Hussein Tantawi at Sharm el-Sheikh

But of course, no one can give an answer to that.
It might have been impossible too, who knows?
Seeing the amount of publicity given to the effort of taking Malaysian students back since the Egyptian uprise, it looked almost impossible.

So I wondered again, why didn't the Egyptians themselves protest against their government's inhumanity? Imagine Gaza is where Thailand is, and Malaysia refuse to open the border in Perlis, I'm sure there will be people uproars in Malaysia.

Husni Mubarak with Ronald Reagen, 40th US pres, for 2 terms.

Then I got to know that Egypt has been receiving financial aids from the States.
Now, that makes sense.
What more when Egypt blocked the humanitarian aid convoy from entering Gaza in December 2009 (I joined the crowd when VPM hand over the appeal letter to Egyptian Embassy, and proudly blogged about it). Back then, I was almost angrier with Egypt than I was with America.

In my eyes, Husni Mubarak had become another Kamal AtTartuk.

With Bush Sr for one term

So when I got to know that the Egyptians had started to protest to topple him, I was very happy.
I was happy that at last, at last the Egyptians speak out.

I have been wanting to write about the uprise since it started 18 days ago.
But time has been too jealous with me.
And only when Mubarak quits that I managed to force myself to write before the issue gets outdated.

Husni Mubarak and Bill Clinton, for two terms.

Anyway, back to this Egyptian uprise issue.

I received a lot of comments regarding it, what more when it happens during the CNY when I was in Penang, celebrating the festive season with my Chinese family.

Some complained that the people should not do that, because they are only putting themselves in trouble. It's enough if they can take care of themselves well, a lot better if the Egyptians do not meddle in and create a crisis. Because at the end of it, civilians will die while the upper class people enjoy their wealth.

Husni with Bush Jr for two terms

Some of them too, kept emphasising that no one is holy.
After Husni Mubarak, there will be another Husni Mubarak, who is greedy, power abusive, and inhumane. So since no one is holy, why the Egyptians even bother putting themselves in trouble?

But, when more than 80 million Egyptians are jobless, with the salary of a professor only RM 1k compared to Malaysian professors who earn RM 10k monthly, the people just have to do something, the best way.

Don't you think so?

With Obama

I hope the best for the Egyptians, may the next leader be someone who has conscience, care for the people, smart and not another American puppet.

Personally, in this state of my mind, I would prefer staying in Egypt to watch the uprise and be part of it (by just being in the country) than to be flown back home.
But of course, I was not there when the prisoners break out of prisons and people breaking into houses so I do not know the real situation.
Perhaps, if I were a guy, I'll stay.

And my family now is, I think, getting more and more freaked out seeing me getting more aware of all these issues. After all, isn't ignorance a bliss?

An interesting statement from Hugo Chavez.

Footnote: The pictures are from Faisal Tehrani's blog and


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