Saturday, March 26, 2011

Crazy Semester 5

Hahah! No laa.. It's not that crazy yet. We are still in Musculoskeletal (MSK) System, and it's ending next week. Then Central Nervous System will start.

I've just finished memorising the muscles of upper limb, eh no, the muscles of the shoulder, not yet the whole upper limb. And I'm still kicking!

Well, life has been hectic for me the past few weeks, with a lot of PMS matching forms to be handed in, research write up, survey report, article to be written, studies to be done, and on top of all that, an IELTS to prepare for!

Yup yup, I did my IELTS in my A Level years, before entering IMU. And since then, more than 2 yrs have passed, and my IELTS result, no matter how good it was, is already invalid.
To get into UK, I have to have a valid IELTS result (as told by the univ to us).
For that, I registered to take IELTS and paid RM570! And the exam will be one week from now.

I am now quite relaxed actually.
Despite having a lot of things to do, I somehow managed to do them peacefully and happily. Thank God for that blessing.

Honestly speaking, 4 weeks have passed since MSK started, and I am still revising first week's notes, and have been sleeping through all other lectures. So it is actually the time for me to freak out now, but I have not.
I think I have the hormones to be blamed again. Excessive endorphin in the circulation, perhaps due to the bars of chocolates I've been stuffing myself with lately? :D

Anyway, it's almost 1am, and I gotta sleep now (even though I don't really feel sleepy but, I pity myself, staying up so late till 1am).

Assalammualaikum. =)



  1. salam kak akmar,

    oh, those who went to IMU still hav to sit for another IELTS??*sigh

  2. Wkslm. :)
    Yes! IELTS again to apply for VISA.
    UNLESS, they change the rule again. Who knows,
    2 yrs from now.
    If I'm not mistaken, this is quite a new ruling.

  3. babe. good luck for the ielts exam. imu have secured my batch for the ielts results (for now) with UK border agency. nggeeee~~

    with all ur readings and superb language proficiency, NO PROBLEM LAH to get ATLEAST 8.0
    though it does cost a bomb for sitting the paper again. sigh

    hope u're studying well and happy weekend ya!

  4. 4 weeks of MSK & haven't remember all the upper limb muscles? (hm.. sounds familiar.. X)

    & keep the receipt for the ielts fee. who knows maybe you can claim the money back from JPA (like we do =)