Saturday, March 5, 2011

Finding Faults

What is "cari pasal" in English?
Is it "find trouble"?

Type A People

Some people I know, are very "peaceful"
Peaceful in the sense that they let everything or anything happen. They do not want to fight, they keep silent.
When there is anything wrong, they keep their mouths shut because they just do not want to stir any kind of problem. They either endure seeing the wrongs, or quit and not see them again.
This type of people, lead very calm and peaceful lives. They have very few enemies, if at all.

They don't take sides.
They are neutral.
They are proud of it.
They make good friends.
And they live in tranquility.

Type B People

Some other people I know, fight back when they see wrong things.
They tried to make things right, they voice out their views and opinions.
They think, and act.

But at the same time, they are able to accept people's criticism. I like this kind of people.
But, in the process of course, they met with type C people (explained below).
So, they made enemies. They find people who disagrees with them.
And some times, things turn sour and nasty.
And their lives, are not that calm and peaceful. They made good friends, and good foes.

Type C People

Few of the people I know, always think they are right.
They think they are right until to the point that they do not want to accept any suggestions because, their decisions are the best.
When dealing with type A people, this type C people are happy.
Because they dont face any problem. Their work runs smoothly.

But when unfortunately, they did something wrong, and unfortunately again, they did it in front of type B people, then an aggressive discussion starts. Type B people won't just keep quiet while this C people, keep emphasising their points as the best points ever.

So, things turn nasty for both of them.
Type A people will look from afar, and say "I'm lucky I'm not in that discussion. I do not want to worry of too many things. You guys go on..."

And type B and C people keep discussing, trying to prove they're right.
Until when?
Either until the type A people starts telling both of them off.

Or, type B people just get fed up of type C ppl and walk off, up to you whatever you want to do. I'm tired.. Bye!

Or, type C people gets a revelation and he suddenly realised he's wrong.

Or...many other possible outcomes.

But for what?
The type B and C people get tired, while the type A ppl live peacefully, avoiding any type of discussion.
Isn't it easier to be type A?

But, can you really live peacefully when you know something clearly wrong is going on?
So, you want to be type B?
But, what can you do when this type C ppl just do not want to listen?
How do you know you are not type C? How do you know that what you were fighting for is actually the right thing?

Thus the cycle continues...

Now....which type would YOU want to be?

Oh, and then there is this type D people

Type D people know something is wrong. But they do not voice it out.
They kept quiet but they sided type B.
They are the intermediate type between type A and B.

Type E People

This is the worst.
They don't voice out.
But when B and C are discussing, they side both of them, at different times.

They are like lalang (tall grass)
When B talk to them, they sided B.
When C talk to them, they sided C.

p/s: There aren't these 5 types of people only. This is just a generalisation, from what I've seen and heard so far.


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  1. everyone is a mix of all these different types in different proportions and combinations. which side of them you get to see is very dependent on circumstances.