Wednesday, March 23, 2011

MACMA Selangor 2011 Youth Camp


My blog has been dormant for quite some time.
After that emotionally unstable post, my mood got better 2 days later and has been good until now, Alhamdulillah!

Anyway, this post is specially to talk about the youth camp I organised for Malaysian Chinese Muslim Association (MACMA) Selangor branch. And of course I did not organise it alone, I organised it with my IMU friends! They were Radhi, Atieqa Inani, Louis and Kevin. And of course, my mother and brother. Although Radhi could not join us for the camp itself, but she has been of great help in organising the camp!

The camp was held during the second (last) weekend of the school holiday (18th to 20th March 2011) and a total of 39 students participated.

Being "kakak" and "abang" throughout the camp really taught me a lot, and I believe my friends felt the same.

The activities were:

1) Telematch

Only me and Louis were there at that time. And honestly, both of us could not control those kids! They actually cheated during the telematch! =.="

2) Talk; "Our Role as Khalifah"

This was a beneficial talk delivered by Cikgu Mahadzir, the operator of the campsite. It was on the 4 worlds we live in, World of the Womb, World We Live In, World of Death, and World of Qiamat. Many of the girls cried after the talk, touched and scared.

3) Talk: "Heroes of The World"

Kevin was the speaker for this one while Radhi and Nani were the slide preparer. The talk emphasised on the successes of Sultan Salahuddin Al Ayyubi, Sultan Muhammad Al Fateh and Admiral Cheng Ho. Most of them did not know that Cheng Ho is actually a Muslim!

Fun fact: Cheng Ho's voyage around the world consisted of 200 large ships while Colombus' ships were minute compared to Cheng Ho's. And 1000 yrs after Cheng Ho's voyage, Columbus claimed to be the first man who discovered America.

4) Jungle Trekking

We started trekking at about 10 in the morning into the forest of Hulu Langat. I dared not look at my legs and ankles, fearing the leeches. I would not feel any leeches on the skin, but once I saw them, I'll start screaming. So I only dared looking at my ankle when we reach the river, an hour later. And I found one leech half the length of my ring finger! And later when I reached home, I noticed there were 3 other wounds. So I guess the other 3 leeches were already full that they fell off on their own will. Now, these 4 wounds are very itchy!

5) Obstacle Course

Solely conducted by the campsite people. Me and friends were just the spectator and cameramen. Oh, except for Kevin who joined some of the obstacles.

6) Movie Show and Discussion; "Children of Heaven"

This movie truly is a good, full of morale movie. Eventhough the subtitle was in English, the kids watched it attentively and were even able to participate well in the discussion after the movie. They presented the good values they observed in the movie and clearly enjoyed it.

7) Treasure Hunt

Louis was the coordinator for this game and he truly did a terrific job. The flow of the treasure hunt was really smooth, with all difficult challenges. It was the biggest event in the whole camp, the game with the highest mark.

The marks for each group for the whole 3 days were recorded and the champion received a super tall hamper. Of course, we gave hampers to all the groups, even the last one.

All in all, I truly enjoyed this 3 day camp, despite the fact that I did not touch any of my lecture notes for 3 days. And having 2 other batchmates in the same camp, enabled us to revise our subjects, superficially. Haha...

Anyway, let the pictures do the talking from here!

The telematch. The students have to pass rubber band to their team members using a straw in their mouths.

Urgghhh.. Why is this boy so short? I had to bend a lot just to pass this rubber band to him.. Heh...

Kakak Atieqa is explaining about our heroes. This happens when Abg Kevin got stucked. :p

At last, we reached the river after the jungle trekking! At this point of time, I was still ignorant of that leech on my ankle!

ALMEC in our hearts. =) Post jungle trekking.

No no, this is not a controversial picture (ahem ahem) of Louis and Atieqa.

Kevin, me and Louis.

Obstacle Course. Go Adib Go! He was the biggest sized participant, and he won the Best Participant due to his jolliness and enthusiasm.

Another obstacle course. They had to dance while standing on the bricks, trying to balance themselves.

Kevin joining the participants in the obstacle course

Muddy muddy...

Kevin pun nak join skali.. He's famous amongst the participants

Louis, enjoying tai chi lesson by Tai Chi master from China

Yes, let us all Tai Chi!

One of the challenges in the Treasure Hunt

Smile ppl, smile!

We, the facis had to stay back to clean the hall after all the participants went back. But of course, we did it enjoyably!

Barisan fasilitator yang berwibawa, berkarisma dan berjaya!




  1. kalau MACMA persatuan muslim cina di selangor, bagaimana pula di johor? bagaimana jika saya mahu ikut serta menjadi fasi atau aktiviti dakwah yang lain