Thursday, March 31, 2011

Malware Detected!

Malware Detecte!
That's the warning I received since yesterday when I tried to access my own blog.
Funny leh... And the malware, apparently came from Tun Mahathir's blog (
That's really surprising...

How come his blog can be infiltrated with malware?
Pessimistically, the first thing that came into my mind was "sabotage".
Could it be that someone is trying to sabotage him, due to his style of speaking (and writing).

I waited for one day, thinking Dr M (and I suppose, his IT assistant) might be able to overcome this malware problem but till today, the problem was still there.

And when googled, quite a lot other bloggers are facing the same problem with me, their blogs announced as a security threat, due to the link to on the blog.
So yeah, I have just removed the link from my blog and my blog can be accessed like normal and you, can read it now. =p

Come to think of it, now since I do not have his link on my blog, I won't be reading his latest posts anymore, because the feed will not come to me.
And if everyone did what I did, means the reader of will reduce substantially.
If this is a sabotage, the sabotage succeeded in reducing the amount of readers and thus, the influences of Dr M's writings.

But of course, as time passes, I'll re-visit and when there is no more malware problem with the site, I'll re-link it here. =]

p/s: I wanted to put a hyperlink to but can't because if I do that, google chrome will detect the malware again.



  1. salam ziarah, ukhti =)

    as a matter of fact, i was having the same thing too.

    a friend told me about that, and since then, I had to remove dr.m's, yeah, no more of his update feeds (sigh)

    anyways, me hoping that finally, this problem will be OK soon..insyaALLAH.

    happy day for you, kak akmar (though i'm not sure whether i SHOULD call u 'kak' as we're the same age!) =__="


  2. Salam. well, experienced the same. You may try it again today, should be already recover.

  3. Salam. Am experiencing the same. =(
    and haven't read any tweets from che det also.