Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Surprise of The Year

I turned 21 yesterday...

But, 4 days before my real birthday, I received a surprise!
It was a normal Saturday, and my youngest brother went for his extra curricular activity in school. Aisyah, my sister has been busy baking since the night before, for a reason she will not tell me (in fact, she rarely tell anyone anything so I weren't really frustrated when she did not answer my question)
Wasil, another younger brother said he was on evening shift so he will start working at 6.30pm, instead of 1.30pm like usual.
And I studied muscles of lower limb, attentively.

The day before, my mother said she's planning to bring me out on Saturday, to help her choose a gold bracelet for Aisyah's 16th birthday this April. At 3.30pm, I was ready to go out, my mum stopped me at the door. She said I wore "too simple" and ordered me to change into a "more beautiful" suit; according to her it's unfair that I wear nicely to campus, but very casual to go out with her. So, I obediently changed my attire.

Throughout the shopping process, I sensed something. I sensed and started imagining a surprise birthday party for me arranged at home. Meanwhile, my mother's phone rang every 20mins. That made me even more suspicious. But I played along. At 6pm, we went back home.
I noticed my house has became very clean, tidied up.

30 seconds after I entered my house, suddenly a lot of people appeared from the kitchen, and when I say "a lot", I really meant "a lot".
I saw Hui Fong, Louis, Siew Huan, Radhi, Nani, August, Shin Yun, Lii Chyuan, Slyvester, my cousins, uncles and even Aunt Denise.
Louis came up and popped the birthday popper (I dont know what is it called, but it gives out colourful ribbons and a very loud "pop!" sound), and Hui Fong started spraying white snow on me.
I was really surprised, and speechless.
Then I saw a couple, not so young but not old nevertheless. I couldn't recognise them so I smiled and continued smiling to other people. They then started singing "Happy Birthday", with me standing near the door. *that awkward moment when everyone is singing Happpy Birthday to you, and you do not know what to do...*

Although I sensed and imagined something like this, I did not imagine it will be attended by that many people. And guess what, the couple I did not recognise was Louis' parents!
And a cake was brought forward, specially baked and decorated by Aisyah!
And when I walked to the kitchen, I saw that our backyard was already ready with barbeque and steamboat sets. Awesome!

I thanked everyone for coming (no, I did not give a speech, I talked to them personally), and ate with friends.

Then Wasil and my other siblings came bringing packets of presents and gifts.
With that, I opened the presents one by one.

The first was from Hui Fong and friends, a pink winter cap.
Then from Aisyah and Amran, a winter scarf.
Then from all family members, a custom made tshirt! Haha..
The tshirt had our pictures on it, and a "Happy 21st Birthday!"
Wasil made me promise to bring that tshirt oversea, so that I won't forget to come back home. :)

Then Wasil gave his most expensive present; a necklace with key locket. More shockingly, it was a silver necklace, coated with white gold! And he wasn't kidding, my mum saw the receipt. But all of them refused to tell me how much it has cost him. *so touched!*
He said the promoter selling the necklace was shocked that he said he's buying the necklace for his sister, not his girlfriend. =D

Aunt Denise gave a globe with geography quiz (what a cool and appropriate present for me, since my geography is very bad!)

After Maghrib, we started playing card games, Lii Chyuan teaching us new games.
It was fun and lovely.

And the night was ended with a beautiful prayer led by my uncle, praying for our safety and success.

Of course, there were photoshoot sessions throughout the whole event.
Credit to Lii Chyuan who has used his new superb Canon camera for that night! :)


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  1. wah..sounds like a really really awesome 21st birthday...very very opposite to mine, spent the whole day finishing my drawings..glad u had good time!!