Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tomorrow is the BIG day


Tomorrow is the BIG day, the climax of "Gaza, We Care!" week in IMU.
And tonight, I find myself very tied up!
From readings for PBL, to coordinating tomorrow's flow, to completing the financial statement, and to get approval from IPT bureaucracy, to many many other things.

Oh Gouty Arthritis, why can't I just sleep on Papa Patho tonight, and have everything transferred into my brain by osmosis, so that I can just present well during PBL tomorrow? :p

Oh yea, my phone....has been ringing non stop.
A real hotline I have here. ;p

I pray that everything goes smoothly tomorrow.

-Because Life is a Test-



  1. Assalamualikum. Dear Akmar.
    You (and your team) pulled it off. Many congratulations. The stage play was interesting and I hope it inspires VPM to commission or even write a play to be performed in theaters around Malaysia (and who knows, maybe across the world)

    Well done once again.


  2. Wkslm.
    Dear Anonymous, thank you very much for your presence. Even though I'm not sure who are you, but I'm sure we talked during the drama night.

    And the idea of a play is very good. It's actually a very fast and relatively efficient method of creating awareness. :)