Friday, April 8, 2011

IMU Ball 2011

Prom night, as it is always called in those Western movies, is the night where girls dress like they have never before, where guys get to put on their tux, bow tie and spike their hair up like Clark Kent and, all of us get to eat good food.

And that kind of night, was called IMU Ball by IMU students and was held on April 2nd, at JWW Marriott Hotel.

That day itself, I had to sit for my IELTS test in the morning.

Anyway, I know some of my friends who spent almost RM500 for the night. I myself spent approx RM130, for the ball ticket. Funny enough, being too preoccupied the weeks before the ball, right after paying for the ticket, I forgot totally about the ball. I did not even tell my mother about it until one week before the ball. So of course, I did not buy any new dress, shoes, handbag, shawl or anything of that sort.

After our IELTS test that morning, Hui Fong, Ah Kiew, Sunn Ren and I went to KLCC for our lunch, and for the first time in my life, I stepped into San Francisco Steakhouse. Of course, I ordered the cheapest meal in the menu, which was not cheap at all.

It was called "Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken".
So of course I was anticipating chicken.
But I was taken by surprise when the real meal arrived; it was a large plate FULL OF salad, with tiny slices of chicken. I can't keep a straight face, and went into depression mode.
RM16.90 FOR SALAD??!
And that's when I realised my mistake; it was salad WITH chicken, and not chicken WITH salad. That means, salad is the main dish while chicken, is just the deco.

Of course, I am blessed with extremely wonderful friends.
When their meals arrived, they gave me their own slices of chicken, fish and french fries. And in return, I gave them lots of healthy food; SALADS.
So I ended up with various types of chicken, fish and salad on my plate; a meal that can never be bought with money, a dish called "friendship".

That afternoon, I spent my time in Hui Fong's house in Gombak.
Only at that time, seeing how prepared Hui Fong was with her new shoes, dress and handbag, and her plan to make up and set her hair, did I realise my unpreparedness for the ball.
I started to feel uneasy, and was losing my confidence bit by bit.

Then we went to a saloon!
First time too, in my life that I accompanied a friend to saloon for a hair set up.

Hui Fong, gettin her hair set up. :)

And now, a beautiful princess!

With her prince

With the neighbouring country princess

Siew Huan and me.

Me and August


The future MD, with the pathologist, the anatomist and his wife.


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  1. AKMARRR!!!!!,
    you are looking va va boom…wow as a muslim i never thought you could go to such events and still be a future IMU student i will def take a leaf out of your book….