Monday, May 9, 2011

The 9th May Post

Today marks the 1st birthday of my self-bought bear, I have yet to think of a name for him – yes it’s a him. Hahaha.. It was on this day, last year that I volunteered with Viva Palestina Malaysia in their charity bazaar. They had a similar bazaar not long ago, but unfortunately I was unable to join them. :(

It was already too near my exam. In fact, I had to let go quite a number of interesting activities! That included Dr Azzam Tamimi’s talk, Sheikh Imran Hosein’s talk, and some other outing with friends!

9th May is a lot better day than 9th April. I don’t like 9th April, for a personal reason. I’m sorry if any of you were born on that day. This small bear is a symbol of hope and friend to me. And I bought it for, RM2 if I’m not wrong. Who says only expensive things are valuable and meaningful?

And guess what, I am writing this in the dark and it is already 11.41pm! There is a blackout in my house and even though my laptop can survive on battery, the modem can’t. And so, I really2 hope the electric will come back before 12am, so that I will be able to post this journal, and keep up to my one post a day challenge. Tu la Akmar! Procrastinate since morning!

Last night I slept at 2+ am, the latest so far. And surprisingly, am still able to wake up for Subuh and continued studying after breakfast. Usually, if I do not have enough sleep, I’ll “syahid” right after Subuh prayer. It seems like the exam has finally disrupted my sleeping pattern. By 3pm, I can’t think straight any longer, and went to sleep, waking up at 6.30pm! Oh mann… My alarm at 4pm failed to serve me. So yea, I did not really procrastinate; I just put more effort to study than writing the post. Little did I know the electric supply will be cut off 30mins before 12am. :(


Okay, it has passed 12am and the electric is not back yet. I’m so gonna post this journal tomorrow, and put it up as 9th May 2011. I did not fail in this 1 post a day challenge, I wrote it on 9th May. It’s just that the blackout preventing me from posting it online. So yea, sape2 x puas hati, bgtau depan2. :p

-Because life is a test-


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