Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Engineering or Accountancy?

My brother is having a haaarrdd time deciding for his future. He had been in this dilemma since like, last year?

He has in hand now, a scholarship for foundation in Engineering by Yayasan TM and a matriculation in KM Selangor, in Accountancy.

Engineering foundation starts next Monday.
Matriculation started last Monday but if he still wants it, he can register tomorrow.

My mother offered to pay for his Foundation in Business in Taylor's (that will surely cost my mother a bomb) but he refused it, saying it's too expensive.

Taylor vs Matriculation; I'd say go for Matriculation.
But Accounts (Matriculation) vs Engineering (MMU), I do not know.
I personally think Engineering is a more secured profession, and he can still branch out into business later if he wants to.
Btw, he really want to be a businessman, and earn a lot.

But if he go for the engineering scholarship, he will have a 10 year bond with TM, and he dislikes the idea of being tied up.

Whatever his decision is, I'm going to support him, whole-heartedly.
But if he really chooses Matriculation, that means he'll be leaving home tomorrow.
That's too fast!
I hvnt even recover from missing him when he went to Shanghai last week :(
And oh yea, he bought me a China doll, a "real doll".

-Because life is a test-


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