Friday, May 13, 2011

I Dont' Care. This is the 13th May Post. :D

Ok, I know today is already 14th but, I had to post the 13th May post now. Why?
Because Blogger wasn’t available yesterday!
See this…

But this post was written on 13th May so, technically I am still up to my 1 day 1 postchallenge.

What happened today?
Well, I had one of the trickiest summative of my IMU life.
I can say I did very badly in the OBA, though OSPE paper was a bit less hard (can’t say it’s easy!)

I went to visit Praba after that, good to see her not in her cast anymore; she fractured her leg in an MVA last October. :(

I then went off to Low Yat, to buy a house pc for obviously, my house. Our pc could not be switched on for months already and I always had to “share” my laptop with them (siblings).

At 7, we watched TVB’s “Rosy Business”, the Cantonese drama I am helplessly glued to now.
At 8.15pm, I went to Mines. My brothers bought new handphones while I accompanied my maid to shop for handbag and tudung. Yea, don’t be surprised. That’s how nice close I am to her. Heh..

Now, I am writing this post, aiming to finish it before 12am.
And then nk tido!
Tomorrow after Subuh I’ll start my jihad again. :D

-Because life is a test-

p/s: How come even Blogger detect this post as 13th May's? Well, Blogger has this one special features known as "Post Options". :D


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