Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I'm So Gonna Change My Blog Layout

I'll design a new blog layout, after my exam in June.
I've been browsing through people's blogs and I am getting more and more inspirations and restrictions. It must not be too dark, bcos then it'll be hard to read. It must not be too serious, people say I'm serious enough in real life so I'd better make my blog a bit more girlish and childish, at least there's a balance btw my real life and imaginary life. cewah.

I might use white as background, because then the fonts can be read easier, and I'll have a lot of colours to choose from for the writing.
I'll choose various fonts. :)

And I'll griiin after finishing it.
ada ubi ada batas, ada hari saya balas! *eh, ada kena mengena ke?*

Malware Lagii
This one, I really don't understand.
Why is Dr Mahathir's blog STILL considered as malware?
I can't even read his writings anymore.
Does he realise it?
Can't he do anything about it?

He blogs to unblock.
But it seems now even his blog has been blocked. *now, that rhymes*
And it's either I do not read enough news or, the news of his blog being blocked were not disseminated, just like how supposedly-Anwar's controversial videos were.
I really think the media (or anyone behind them) is blowing this video news out of proportion. Shame shame...

Do you know how to read/pronounce "biceps brachii"?
Try reading the subheading of this paragraph the same way. :D

Chemical Sister
My sister is in form 4 now, and was just introduced to Chemistry and Add Maths.
It took me such a long time, and emotions too, just to teach her the relations between number of moles, Avogadro constant, relative atomic mass, volume of gas at STP and RTP, number of atoms/molecules and electron confiq. Oh mann.. I remember being confused myself, but I cant remember being that "stubborn and emotional" while studying that.

And Add Maths, the gradient of a straight line that is parallel to x-axis is always undefined? And why can't (3x-2)^2 be solved just by squaring each and individual constant?

Btw, the subheading is meaningless.
She's my real human sister, not conjured from chemicals.

If tomorrow is End of Semester Exam, I WILL FAIL.

Back to study!

-Because life is a test-


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