Sunday, May 1, 2011

Random Qs Coming Out from Tired Brain

Why are some people considered royalty, some people considered commoner?
Is it just because it-so-happened that they were born into that family?

Why must there be distinctions between the two?

How come there is "king and people", not just "leader and followers"?
People can work hard, put effort, and be the leader; but no one can work hard, put effort and be the king.
Once a king, forever a king?
Says who?
Why so?

Why must people look at races?
Why must people ask, "What race are you?"

How about genetic make-up? Do you believe in that?
Do you believe that some people were born with better genes?

What happen if someone from a supposedly not-so-brilliant race/family/parentage brought up by a smart/rich/educated foster family in the best environment? Would the kid be a good or an average one (assume the kid didn't have severe jaundice that might damage his brain when he was an infant, or any other illness for that matter)?
Can the kid stand at par with the kids from that were born into that family?

What if a baby from good and smart parents were raised by poor/uneducated/not-so-smart parents?
Will he be the brightest gem among them?

why do all these even matter?


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