Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sleepy Day

I think it is harder to find an interesting post title than writing a post. LOL.

Today, Hui Fong tagged me in a video in facebook.
Her message was "‎Nur Akmar lets go!!!!! i step on u....wahahaha"

And I can't stop smiling after watching the video.
There is only one not-good thing, it is COKE.
Apart from it having very very high sugar content, and I myself do not like carbonated drinks, it is also one of the major contributor for the illegal occupation of Palestine.

So yea, if the vendor machine is some other machine; a 3 in 1 coffee machine for example....heh... I'd love to climb it everyday with Hui Fong. :D

I wasted 3 hours today, dozing off on my desk after lunch. =.="
And mama is having her asthmatic attack again. I can't hear any wheeze when I auscultate her and she said all doctors have been saying that.

"Mdm, you are having a non-wheezing asthmatic attack"

I wonder if that condition exist. For a moment, I suspected it's not even asthma. Oh well, I haven't revise my semester 3 Respiratory System yet so I forgot what other respi illnesses that might present like asthma. COPD? Emphysema? I forgot them all :(

Lately I have been thinking a lot, considering the pros and the cons of ONE THING; and I do not plan the disclose it here.
Throughout my schooling life (the time period where I think I am more independent), I have been making decisions but there is ONE particular aspect of my life that I dare not make decision on. And now I have to decide about it again.
It's so hard la...

One moment I told myself I'm gonna do it, come what may.
Few hours later, when prompted, I backed out and told myself "Let it be, for just ONE MORE TIME"
It's like a never-ending effort to change, and it have been going on for more than a year, yes...more than a year.

That was why, my facebook status was "You only have urself to blame when you engage in self-destructing activity".

But just now, I read a quote that says,

"Formula for change:
1) Decide, and act
2) Allah will make it easier
3)And your heart will steadfast"

Yes, maybe I should do that.
Decide, and act.

But I can't even decide yet.
So hard laaa....

p/s: Credit to Kak Dhuha for the quote.

-Because life is a test-


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