Sunday, May 22, 2011

Studying With Them

The mid year exam for schools is ongoing now and because of that, the "study area" in my house has been occupied by all of my still-schooling siblings, and me. We sit in a row, everyone on their own table. And occasionally, my form 4 sister asks me Add Maths, and my form 3 brother asks her History or any other PMR subjects. I love this feeling, of studying alongside your siblings :)

I will definitely miss this moments when I go oversea later.
And I proudly find my brother amazing! He has such piercing questions coming out from his mind, especially when he reads History.
He questioned, why did Parameswara kill Temagi; the ruler who saved him in Temasik, just to run from the Siamese later? This was the exact same Q I asked before.

And how on earth do the historians know that the Paleolitic people do not have religions? How do they know that these people bowed to sun, stars and trees? We know since Adam time, there are some God-believing human populations in the world.

Ok. Back to study.

-Because life is a test-


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