Saturday, May 14, 2011

An Unproductive Productive Day

Whatever that should mean. I studied quite A LOT today. But if I maintain at this pace, I won't be able to finish the syllabus before the exam. So I have to SPEED UP! And it's really not easy.. :(

And I've just remembered; I have OSCE to prepare for!
That'll take two days of my week, to go to IMU and dedicate myself to the 4 walled room in Skills Centre, molesting my juniors simulated patient. (Molesting means practice on them, do a clinical examination on them. =.=")

Out of depression, I asked my brother, "Why did I take Medicine in the 1st place? If I chose Engineering for instance, I might not have to face the book 16 hrs a day"

And he said,
"Because we need someone to sacrifice his/her life, and that person happened to be you"

Thank you brother.
That helped.

p/s: I'm not that depressed. In fact, not depressed at all. Only a bit of scared but apart from that, I'm still chilling. :D

-Because life is a test-


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