Monday, July 11, 2011

And The Grass is Always Greener on The Other Side


People say I should be able to blog more when I am on holiday.
Truth is, I rarely sit at my table during holidays so, bye2 la blogging...
And since the internet has been vry vry slow, it totally killed my interest in blogging :(

Lately...fuh! so many things happened that I think i'll cramp my fingers out just to write them down.

I drove all around KL and Genting for two consecutive whole days, with that terrible cough making my face turned red and blue trying to hold them in.
I had occasional idiopathic headaches.
Photoshoot (bunyi mcm model je..) here and there.

Oh btw, Bersih 2.0!
Honestly I did not read newspapers neither do I watch news so I wasnt really updated with this Bersih thing.
But despite that ignorance, i can see this Bersih thing has been uglified.

Lawak la! Suddenly there is a silat team, ready to protect the country.
Then comes the red shirt group.
Then comes the declaration that the Bersih assembly is illegal.
*ok, dont know which one comes 1st bcos I did not really follow the news*

And another thing, after all that scary-mary news and warnings given by the government, my mother quarantined me at home :(

Since my parents are not in Msia now, they put the whole responsibility of keeping me and bros at home, to myself. And if not bcos I had to go and take my bro's report card at sch, I wont even walk out of the gate on Saturday. =.="
She's vry worried that I may get caught even if I went into KL wout joining the Bersih assembly. I am a govt-sponsored stdnt after all. =.="

Tapi kan, the ppl in Bersih may not be that Bersih after all.
Of course, those crowd that went out and assemble are sincere, but we nvr know the ultimate mission and objective behind the organisers and the funding organisations, do we?

Btw, this is quite a cool video.

Ok la. that's all the update for now.

-Because life is a test-



  1. wow.. nice video.. macam tengok movie trailer pulak.. hehe

  2. hahaha.. yea exactly! there's even that catchy lines from transformers 3. :)