Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pre-Ramadhan Holiday!

O yea! Tomorrow is already Ramadhan! :D

I hv had my holiday since 2nd June 2011, how long has it been?
Err...almost 2 months?
Hahaha...I bet I weigh more than I was during EOS5 now :(

And for this past two months, I have done wonders...things I've nvr done before.
I went to watch like, 4 movies?
That may sound normal to some people but definitely not to me. I watch an average of two movies in cinema per year :p
And usually, only when the movie has been released for more than 3 weeks.

I also became the driver and the big mam of the hse when my parents went for their Jakarta holiday and Umrah trip for almost 20days.

-Because life is a test- -AkMaR-

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