Sunday, August 7, 2011

IMU to Me

Wah has been a long time since I left IMU, only now I wanna write about it?

Truth is, I've nvr really felt I've left IMU. Because I hvnt!
I still go back there like, at least once a week?
And the visits were for various reasons; online (internet speed is faster in IMU), meet friend, settle some official matters, or sometimes even ATM!
I'm unsure whether I purposely made those visits, or were they really that important.
In fact, I dropped by IMU last night at 12; to topup Touch n Go, just to find the ATM is out of service =.="

Perhaps I was being overly sentimental but having spent more than 2 yrs there, even the buildings evoke some kind of memories to me.
If the people is the reason I miss INTEC (my prev college) so much, then what had attracted me to IMU was the building itself. I spent so much time in it that I know almost each and evry corner of it; even which toilets are smelly, which ones are always super-clean, which ones are not for students to use etc etc.

But of course, I am not saying I can easily forget the people I meet in IMU, that's impossible. Some of them gave vry good impressions to me, some left bad memories to me while some left permanent marks on me :)

I actually quite extensively wrote about my first day and even 1st week in IMU!
Here are the posts :)

Day 1 (Monday)
Pre- Registration

Day 2 (Tuesday)
I skipped day 3 bcos I was home late. :p
Day 4 (Thursday)
Day 5 (Friday)
Day 7 (Sunday) and one more.

Of course, no need to re-read the posts...heh...

Since I don't stay in the apartment in front IMU like most of my friends; I tend to stay longer in campus to maximise my time usage.
I spent like more than 8 hrs in campus, almost everyday!
Sometimes I come during the holidays too; to study.

But one thing, I rarely eat outside. Unlike my other friends, they can name the restaurants; mamak or not in Sri Petaling area.
And I got to know abt Ajimal only during my sem 4 I think. =.="
That famous Sri Petaling night market, I've been there once during my first month there! And I got lost finding the way... Haha..

The guards....yea...
I know almost all the guards in IMU.. Hahaha...and I am almost sure they know me ;p

Student lounge....I rarely rarely rarely spent time there.
There was only once I think, that I actually hanged out there with my PBL mates.
During sem 4 I think. I think I even wrote abt it!
Here it is!

I actually so many things to write about IMU.
But I think I will stop here for now.

-Because life is a test-


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