Thursday, August 4, 2011

JPA Pre-Departure Briefing and Ah Q's Birthday Celebration!

It's already 5 days into Ramadhan!

2nd day of Ramadhan saw me and fellow IMU friends in JPA building in Putrajaya for our pre-dep briefing; a briefing by MAS rep, Bank Islam rep and of course, JPA rep.
We received our allowance that day! *wink wink*

Right after the briefing, Lii Chyuan, Ah Q and me went to Wisma MCA to apply for our visa.
RM1301 for a visa application! Dried me out... :(
And I foolishly thought we can pay cash so I did not make any bank draft.
When I got to know that we can't pay cash, I ran to Citibank then to Maybank to make a bank draft.
And thanks to God, I managed to settle the payment on time. :)

After the visa application, I went Seoul Garden for buka puasa! :D
And was home at 11pm.

The next day, we celebrated Ah Kiew's and August's birthdays in Neway, Times Square.
Yup, Neway; a karaoke place.
And I was fasting....
So yea, goodbye to the meal package I paid for the karaoke, the tempting salad buffet and the birthday cake.
However, my friends were kind enough to give me half of the cake to bring home!

And today, the 5th Ramadhan...I stayed quietly at home.
Didn't even step out of my house gate.
Tomorrow too, insyAllah.

-Because life is a test-



  1. akmarrr !!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D

    anyway, seoul garden yg kat mana?
    hehe your background dah tukaaaa

  2. @Hazirah!!!!! :D :D :d :D
    Seoul Garden kt IOI mall.
    Mahal gk oh! Xpe la, bru dpt duit pre-dep ;p
    Haha..yep, background ni comel ke?
    Mls nk tweak lbih2...

    Yep, RM1301 cash, with RM700 from JPA.
    Running around KL plk tu..

  3. see. gumbira. good to see. but........... the last photo tu.. EHEM EHEM. hahahahah

  4. p/s: im referring to the via twitter photo.

  5. salam, akmar (:

    nak tnyer, allowance yg jpa bagi tu untuk ape? agak2 kalau untuk hostel, jpa ad bagi x allowance gak?

    thanks, kinda in a blur right now, coz jpa says it'll send the letter by this week, but still, haven't received it yet.

  6. @Diana

    Hahaha... just a random pic. ;p

    Allowance tu mmg evryone yg nk fly akn dpt, based on area yg kita akn pg. Klo London, dpt la byk skit etc etc..

    Hostel or not, sama je total allowance. Pndai2 hidup kt sana.
    Fly mana nti?

  7. salam ramadhan ^^

    thanks. insyaALLAH, bakal berangkat ke bali after raya. medicine, alhamdulillah. doakan2 ^^