Saturday, August 20, 2011

My Penang Trip

I have two wonderful aunts staying in Penang. Both of them are not married, and for that reason, they have been able to shower me and siblings with all the love they can give. And for that reason too, despite the lack-of-time, I went up to Penang last weekend. And the most fun part of it, I went by train! :D

I boarded my train from KL Sentral, and it is destined for Butterworth station. And I was in a terrible mood before I set off frm house.

Things were really bad when I stepped down from the car, i almost cried, the tears stopped only because I do not want to be seen crying in public. I was almost certain I'll cry once I take my seat in the train. As I wander around KL Sentral, I am sure I looked like a time-bomb. But then slowly, the thought of going far lightens me. I became excited without noticing it. And I started grinning to myself once the train reaches the platform, and when I board the train all the sour feelings have been replaced with excitements. And for a moment I forgot what was bothering me.

I took out my novel and started reading. With the exception of occasional sms-es with friends, the novel was my only company. I sat next to a Chinese guy who got down at Ipoh station. Thus, I had bigger space Ipoh onwards.

I slept for a while, and got up to read again and dozed off, and got up again repeatedly.

The journey had done me good. I had time to calm down, and think.
A terrific way to vent out :)

But I cant believe my aunts thought I will get lost on my way there. They were supposed to wait for me at the bus stand in front jetty; but one of them walked in halfway to the ferry station instead, worried I might be lost =.="

I went back to KL on Sunday, having spent two nights in Penang :)

My two aunts waiting for my bus to KL to set off

My bus to KL was at 3.30pm.
At 8.30 pm, I reached Puduraya and I ran to LRT station for Bndr Tasik Selatan, ran to ERL station for KLIA.
For what?
Because Hui Fong and other friends are flying off to London that night! I so badly wanted to meet them for one last time.
But I was too late, I managed to only see Hui Fong for a minute, hugged her, snap a pic and she's gone.

This is a very short post, because I have lots of packings to be done!

-Because life is a test-


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