Friday, September 16, 2011

My Manchester Raya

And I purposely make it 16th Sept instead of 17th so that it doesnt interfere with my real 17th Sept post.

Eid Mubarak everyone! :)
I am now in Manchester; Fatin's house. I've been having two consecutive induction days and tomorrow, a dean's meeting. Today was my first raya away from family.
And it didn't feel like raya, except for my green kebaya. Hahaha... What more can I say, we were stucked in Stopford Building (Manchester Med Sch Building) from 11am till 5pm. It was an induction day for the stdnts from IMU, on how to mix well with the stdnts who hv been studying in Manchester med sch since their first year.

A total of 8 IMU seniors came down and briefed us :) That morning, the university provided a free coach for us, from Royal Preston Hospital to Stopford Building. Apparently, it took less than an hour to reach Manchester from Preston.

And after the briefing, we had dinner at Red Chilli, a halal chinese restaurant.
When we got to Fatin's hse, we were so exhausted that we cancelled our plan to go out that night.

The briefing was to teach us IMU students, or Direct Entry students, as they call us on how to survive in Manchester-Preston. Apart from IMU, St Andrew’s 3rd year students will also be joining Manchester Med Sch. So there are two groups of direct entry stdnts.

The next day, the second day of Eid was an induction day for both IMU and St Andrew’s students. It was a 10 to 5 briefing program, which we skipped after lunch. Hahahah.. It was just a normal library introduction, assessments and syllabus, which we have all been briefed abt the day before. And so, as soon as the lunch break started, we went our own ways. I went to collect my council tax exemption letter and student ID card. Guess what, they took our pictures for the card on the spot, without any “photography art”, at all. I looked like an alien in the card! Can’t even make out the linings of my eyes. And it was very dark. Turns out that that is a Mancunian tradition. They don’t really care how ugly our picts in the card is. Fatin and Kiew’s pict were off-centred and half of Kiew’s hair were gone. =.=”

That evening, I went to Chinatown with Kiew! We walked and walked and walked, and referred to the map and asked around, to get to Tai Hu, a chinese restaurant which our senior introduced. Later that night, we went for a beraya! :)
Kak Keena was a student in Preston, and she just got married less than a couple of months ago. She invited us over to her house. The next day, after our very brief dean’s meeting, Fatin, her hsemater; Nida, Kiew and me went to Arndale, a shopping centre in Manchester city. I had sore feet due to my almost broken shoes (they said shoes are cheaper in UK so I resisted buying a new one in Msia). Both Kiew and me got ourselves a new pair of shoes and that evening, we went back to Preston.

And so that’s it. That was my first 3 days of Eid. Didn’t feel like Eid at all, but I can’t complain too much.

-Because life is a test-



  1. qoute : fatin's house ke tu? nice!
    akmar, the shoes are cheaper and nicer over there kan? or atleast u pay for something that is more quality kan?

  2. "how to survive in Manchester-Preston." - Hahahaha. High mortality rate then huh? :p Thanks way too nice a house for students! *jealous*

  3. @Hazirah
    Mine la! Super duper nice kn?! :p

    Fatin ckp yg kasut biasa, cheaper in Msia. Branded, lebih kurg je for me. From what i've seen, average price for Clark's black shoes is abt £20- £30. Which comes to abt RM150 - RM200. So, xde la beza sgt kn? I've nvr bought Clarks in Msia, so xtau sgt. Kt sini pun x beli lagi Clarks. Haha..

    Just that, £20- £30 sounds smaller than RM150-RM200 so it felt as if it's cheaper here. But then, a lunch can cost £15 in a restaurant so, a Clark's cost abt twice ur meal, means u can see it either ur meal is expensive, or the shoes are cheap. Klo nk compare lagi, a meal in Nando's is £8. There u go... :)

    Hahaha.. That's what they call their presentation that day. And we received a Survival Guide..
    Yea, a vry nice hse. I just hope we wont be killed by the bills.
    *scared to receive the first bill*