Saturday, September 17, 2011

Says Who They Are Better?

Greetings from Preston! :)

I am now in Royal Preston Hospital, the hospital I will be based in for the next 3 years.
Evrytime I tell ppl I am in the hospital, they'll start "What??!!! Why are u in the hospital??"
Haha... No, I did not get myself injured, or had a homesick fever or anything along that line. It's just that I will be spending more than half of my time in a hospital setting from now on.

People say the Western countries are more developed bcos the people work hard, and serious. I am not sure abt the seriousness in work bit, but Msians at least, are more hardworking!
In Msia, the salesgirl work 9.30 am to 11 pm! Why? Bcos the supermarkets open at 10am and close at 1030pm.
Here, the supermarket opens at 10am and close at 7pm.
As my friends put it, the workers here are lazy, because the workers are very protected here.
Maybe they worked very well during their working hours, I do not know.
But from my experience, they did not really do.

I went to IKEA abt 10 days ago and we put our things for delivery, since none of us drive (I miss my car!).
We went on Sunday, the things were supposed to be delivered on Wednesday, anytime between 9am to 6pm. We hv cls until 230pm so we specifically made a request so that our furnitures are sent after 2.30pm. And they said they'll call an hour or 1.5 hrs before arrival.

At 9+ morning, Ah Kiew phone rang but we were in a small group discussion so she can't pick it up. When we called later during our lunch break, the man said he's from IKEA and he went to our hse and we weren't in. But really, he called only once and didn't even try to call the alternate contact number we gave, which was mine.

So when we asked if he was still nearby, he got angry and hung up. I was so shocked, that was my first time being shouted at by a mat salleh. =.="
When we got home, there was a notice on our front door.


We were so angry bcos obviously he called when he was in front of our house. That means even if Ah Kiew picked up the call, we cant possibly run back home even though our house is just 20mins by bus and walking from the hospital.

So we had to call them back and rearrange the next delivery date.

More than 2 weeks ago, we subscribed to Virgin Media; a telecommunication company, something like P1 W1MAX or Streamyx in Malaysia. And we had to wait for 2 weeks before they can send and install our modem. I do not know if they are going to drill a hole, or just plug the modem and go, but our appointment date was 15th Sept, delivery time will be between 1pm to 6pm.

Syahidah and Kiew's class end at 2.45 while mine ends at 3.45pm. I called and requested so that they come after 3pm. And the customer service operator politely said okay.
Due to that bad experience with IKEA, and my friends' bad experience with IKEA AND Virgin Media, where the people came when no one was in, we were so anxious when 15th Sept finally came.

The first thing that came into my mind that morning was Virgin Media, and internet! The person should call me before coming because the account is under my name. And I've started clinging to my phone tightly, since 10am eventhough they should come only after 1pm (or 3pm if they took note of my request).

Once Syahidah and Kiew's class finished at 2.45, they ran back home to catch VirginM people, we are all so anxious, wanting to avoid another missed schedule since most of our friends missed theirs. At 4pm, I received an sms frm Syahidah, we missed the person. I got so frustrated, this time, he didnt even call me! I held on to my phone, not wanting to let it go, afraid of a missed call and was ready to run back home shd he call and inform he's on his way.

When I got home, I found out that there was not even a note on our door telling us we missed the person. In fact, it was Syahidah who called and asked when is the person coming. The customer srvice said the person came, and we weren't in and so the installation had to be rsecheduled to next Saturday. And that evening, to let out my frustration, I went for a run jog and a walk in the park nearby.

Fortunate enough, that day too I found out that the university has just installed a wireless for us in the hospital. There was no wireless before this. Thank God! So now I am in the hospital, with my laptop.
And I am gonna bring my laptop to the hospital always, for internet.

And so, I concluded.

Malaysian private sector is WAY better than the private sector here. They may talk politely, but they do not necessarily deliver the task logically. Come on, 9 in the morning? People have to work and go to class la, who will be at home? Duh!

I miss Malaysia.

-Because life is a test-



  1. Malaysian private sector is better than over there. surely agree.

    workers are lazy because they are very protected, couldn't agree more! i learned from my syllabus that UK laws protect everything lah. can go to court/get pharm license gantung for lots of things too. they scrutinise to every end. thats the gov part.

  2. Crikey Akmar! The country certainly appears to have gone downhill since I left :p
    "PLEASE CALL IKEA XXXXXXXXXXXX" - wow, they really love their customers that much?

    I worked in the private sector for about 3 years and I found it very stressful and required hard work. It was very rare for me to sy off doing work on the day. As a low paid worker I never had any protection at all (or perhaps I just wasn't aware of it?) When people in Msia asked me "how do you find it here[in Msia]" I used to mention how life (meaning working life aswell) was nice 'cos it was relaxed and ocer there (UK) it was stressful. On my first day of work I was told to go scuba diving! Then again, I am comparing Msia govt sector with UK private sector, and not private with private. Perhaps my own persona believed I had to work hard and hence stressed myself. Hummm.

    "my first time being shouted at by a mat salleh" Glad that title doesn't go to me then XD. While I would like to say you have just been unlucky (time will tell), from what you write, I don't have much basis for saying that. There is another factor also. You were Busy-Krazy Klang Valley and now you are in 'peaceful" Preston.

    P.S. do they pay your travel charges to Manchester? 2nd hand cars are cheap in the UK but maintenance can be pricey (if you don't get a good 2nd hand car) - you may want to consider it in the long term as a replacement for public transport. Your wise head will weigh up the pro's and cons adequately no doubt.

  3. The country certainly appears to have gone downhill since I left :p
    Haha.. Really?

    U mean on ur 1st day of work in Msia, u were asked to go scuba diving? Whoa.. whatever for? did u start work on a family day trip? *good timing! heh...*
    Yup, Msian govt sector is known to be "less stressful" than private sect, I am not really sure abt the govt sector here, apart from the hosp.
    I think the govt here privatise quite a lot, didn't they?
    I think i'll write abt the health systems in msia and uk, for a comparison. But that will be a bit later, when i fully understand the system here, haha..
    And yes sir, i think u urself is a hardworking person :)

    Yep, two bad timings with two diff companies. Hope there's no 3rd one. And mum said that too! She said i have to adapt with this new "peaceful" live. And she's quite happy actually, to know i am based in Preston.
    "U are already vry busy in KL, imagine u in London. Oh no!"
    She used to say that. ;p

    They do provide shuttle buses to Manchester, if the journey is for education purpose. Getting myself a 2nd hand car...well...sounds tempting, really. Perhaps i'll consider it later. :p