Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Sunny Sunny Day :)

When I first met the property agent a month ago, it was a sunny day too. And he told us to savor the sunlight, and do all the outdoor activity we want.
But that was only my 2nd day in UK so I was like, "Sunlight? I had plenty of those in Malaysia. 8 hours a day at least. I am not really bothered, yet"

A couple of weeks later, I began to miss the hot sun. It rained almost everyday! And my clothes just won't dry. Even if they do, they'll get cold after 2 days in the cupboard. I had to fight all the "trembles" every time I put on a new, clean piece of cloth.
And I took every chance I got to walk under the sun.
Back in Malaysia, I used an umbrella to cover myself from the sun. Hahah...

The weather forecast however, showed that this week will be a sunny week, alhamdulillah.
And today was indeed a sunny, bright beautiful day.
I challenged myself to not wear my coat outside, and I didn't regret (unlike previous days).

Not only the day was bright and beautiful, the first simulation class we had was fun too.
Apparently, the hospital invested on 4 simulated mannequins. They are of different sizes and age, and can be set to different basal physiology state. They can be an old 82 y.o lady, or a young 25 y.o lad. They blink, breath, talk, pee, poo and vomit. All that depends on what we did to them.

These simulation mannequins are for our educational purposes (obviously).
The classes will be conducted in a such a way that we are supposed to act as doctors, attending to a patient with a certain disease and physiological state. We have to treat the mannequin just like how we treat a real being. The blood pressure can drop, and the heart might stop. We can defibrillate the mannequin, we can put cannula in them, catheterise them, do an ECG on them, drain the fluid in their lungs, bore a hole on their tracheas, cut their abdomens open and perform a laparotomy or even remove their uterus.

And when we prescribe any drug to the mannequin, it'll react to the drug as close to how a human being will react to the drug as possible.

We may save the mannequin from a cardiac arrest.
Or we may kill the mannequin. If we did, the technician will just reset the mannequin, and it'll start blinking and breathing again.
Amusing eh?
We were told that it is totally okay to kill the mannequin, as long as we know what went wrong, so that we'll nvr repeat it.

This is Medical Engineering, so it is called.
If a mannequin that's used for educational purposes can be this awesome, I wonder what kind of robots are there outside? Robots used for business purposes, tradings, A.I etc?

The technicians and doctors operating the Simulation Suite promised us that our sessions with them will be stressful, because that's what we signed up for. A career that deals with human lives, so to speak. And I cant wait to kill my first mannequin (horrible me).

And on our way back home, we dropped by a public library! Interestingly, the library does not require any of our identification. They do not need our passports or even student cards to register as a member. And all 4 of us are members of Lancashire Libraries now. We can borrow up to 20 things (books, DVDs etc) for 3 weeks. And the best part is, the library is located right in front of the bus stop to the hospital.


With this, goodnight!

-Because life is a test-



  1. "we can put cannula in them, catheterise them, do an ECG on them, drain the fluid in their lungs, bore a hole on their tracheas, cut their abdomens open and perform a laparotomy or even remove their uterus."

    I want one!

  2. "They blink, breath[breathe], talk, pee, poo and vomit."

    Then again... :s

  3. "I cant wait to kill my first mannequin" - LOL.

    Lots of mushy novels and Korean DVD dramas ada tak?

  4. We were warned in that intro class, each of this mannequin is £45 000 so the security there is a bit tight. (We hv to sign in and have our pic taken every single time!)

    Mushy novels yes, hahaha... but korean DVD dramas...none.
    But it's okay, the internet speed here is fast, and I have downloaded lots of movies and dramas. Hahaha.. I hope I wont finish them fast! =.="
    That's not good for studies!

    Haha... But then