Sunday, October 16, 2011

Still Can't Believe I am Here

Assalammualaikum wrt.
Yes, I changed my font (again).
There are LOTS of fonts out here on the web, I ought to try them all =]

I went to Manchester yesterday morning with Syahidah to get our compulsory Hepatitis B vaccination. Fortunately the Occupational Health and Safety Dept of the university provides students with free vaccination. However, since I am not in my best of health (I've nvr mentioned this on my blog but I understood the primary health system in UK as a patient before I undergo it as a medical student. And I can definitely say that the system in Malaysia is unbeatable, and a whole lot simpler!) and I am also on antibiotics, the nurse decided not to give me a vaccination. There goes my £12 spent on train ticket. I might need to visit Manchester again next week after I've finished my course of antibiotics. Haish... And worst of all, she wrote on my "health passport"; "To avoid medical contacts with body fluids"
In other words, I am not allowed to take blood, put on drips or anything that might expose me to body fluid, since the level of anti-Hep B antibody in me is low.
Duh.... And the restriction is valid till January next year!
Honestly, I dont think I'll really refrain myself. It increases the risk of me getting infected with Hep B (IF I got myself in direct contact with blood) but it doesn't diminish the risk does it?
My nurse aunts gonna kill me if she knows this.

Syahidah and I went for a walk around Manchester, and we're proud that we did not take bus at all! (So much on savinng money). We walked from Rusholme to the city, spent hours in Arndale and Affleck and walked back to Rusholme. We walked a total of 12hrs (I challenge any guys out there to walk around malls and city shopping for more than 8hrs.. Haha....)!
Halfway back to Rusholme (Fatin's hse), my knees felt like they're gonna explode anytime (yes, explode...that's the accurate description, not break or become loose)

Here are some pictures =]

Our first stop was Chinatown for lunch. We ate at Wasabi; a Japanese restaurant.

I miss eating this in Ichiban Ramen!

The belt with a lot of sushi plates. One plate is £1. Something like Sushi King in Malaysia. We had to really read the menu though, so that we do not accidentally take chicken, beef or pork. We ate purely seafood sushi or veggie

A painter in front of Arndale; a shopping mall in Manchester.

I was very amazed with the painting and the effort shown by the artist. I wonder if that is what he do for living, or he has some other work.

I can't believe my eyes! A man was sitting on air, and he looked perfectly fine. I am not sure if he is actually sitting on a chair that has somehow camouflaged with the surroundings. A "Do Not Touch" sign was put on the floor, stopping people from checking if there is a chair

See? If he really is not sitting on anything, I can't imagine the weight put on his gluteus, hamstring muscles. I pity him, weirdly.

The square in front of Arndale. I am not sure what is the square called. Or if there is a name for it. Is it Arndale Square? =.="

A "toy" sold in NEXT; a boutique. Haha...

=p While waiting for my rice in Al Safa, Rusholme.

I might write on my experience being a patient in England in my next post. It really is not a good experience. Malaysians, stop complaining about our health system. You wont like the system here. =.="

I saw this ridiculous advertisement on the net. I wonder what do people expect when they click on this advert. If the face of the baby came out ugly, will they not love their partner and break up? If it comes out beautiful and cute, then? Or.....if no face comes out?

-Because life is a test-


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