Thursday, October 20, 2011

Turning into a Sportswoman

People always ask, "Are you alright?"
"Are you doing fine?"
But none really offered any help.
It's very rare to hear, "Do you need me to .......(whatever it may be).........?"
Funny isn't it?
Sometimes the asking is just a way for us to start a conversation, most of the time without knowing that person on the other end might not in his/her best of state.

But anyway, that is not my point today.

I found myself running to catch a bus again, this morning.
That reminded me of what Kiew said,
"We became athletes everyday. We sprint, we run, we walk, and we jump. Almost everyday"

Which, in a way is true.
We start our day walking fast to the bus stop, that's marathon for you. Or sometime if we're late, we walk even faster that it can almost be considered a run.
When we see a bus at the end of the road, we sprint to catch the bus, that's sprinting.
And we jump mud puddles when it's rainy, almost like a long jump.
Thank God we do not have to do any javelin or high jump!

I'm eating a lot more junk food here (they really are cheap), and I find myself being hungry every 3 hours (I blame the weather) and I managed to tell myself I've gained more than 1 kg, but I also (forced to) run everyday. My life really is turning upside down here. Duh...

And every time I see a small car, I realise (says who realisation comes only once?) that....

"I miss my CAR!!"
"I miss DRIVING!!"

I miss being able to go anywhere I want, in my car.

Anyway, I bought myself a new stethoscope!
I brought my old one from Malaysia, which is not the common brand used by my colleagues.
I found it useful, even though it is only half the price of what other people are using.
To my dismay however, the stethoscope has somehow deteriorated.
I cant hear breath sounds properly anymore and so I had to get myself a new one.
And since I do not know where and how to get a new one, I've decided to buy it online!
Wow....This really is my first time shopping online.
Mind you, the price is much more expensive than it is in Malaysia.
It cost me £55.20 which is roughly about RM290 whereas if I've bought it in Malaysia it'll cost me only RM250 the most.
I even thought of asking my mother to buy it for me and post it over here but then, the cost will be even higher.

So my new stethoscope!

To replace this one:

I do not why the picture came out yellow. I think it's due to the yellow bulb (I hate them, I prefer white ones). Besides, I'm using only my phone camera.

(Ok, now that I thought of it, giving the title "Turning into a Sportswoman" is really a bit exaggerative, heh)

'till then!

-Because life is a test-


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