Saturday, December 17, 2011

It SNOWed Today!


Today, I had a very hectic start.
Ibrizah knocked on my door, and called me. I mumbled in sleepy reply, then she said "Akmar, it's 6.51am already"
And I jumped out of the bed.
I have to go out of house by 7.35am, and I have less than an hour for shower and breakfast!
Cut the story short, I went out of house at 7.45am and planned to take the 7.53am bus to hospital. I looked at my phone weather apps, and it recorded 0˚C with snow shower. I was delighted! So it's gonna snow today!

Not long after, from far I can see the bus coming so I started running towards the bus stop. I ran with all my heart and I can see a lot of people queueing up to get on the bus. I was partly relieved because then the bus will stop for a longer time and I can catch up with it. But I was also frustrated because my legs are getting tired and my chest tight.

Then, as I reached the bump of the bus, and I've actually TOUCHED it, breathlessly, the bus drove off.
I was so tired and frustrated that I almost collapse (exaggerated).

So I had to take the next bus and as soon as I got off it, I ran into the hospital because I have to catch the 8.15am shuttle to Chorley. As I was entering the main entrance of the hospital, I felt some drizzles on my head and I was positive that was snow. I grinned but had to continue running to the another entrance; where the shuttle is.
And my friends who were already waiting there confirmed it was SNOW!
So yea, my first snow experience was on Dec 16th 2011 in Royal Preston Hospital :D

On my way to Chorley in the shuttle, I was amazed by the snow shower and the scenery it created.
The grasses and roofs were covered in white and looked just like how pictures looked like.
I didn't manage to snap any snow picture today :(
But insyaAllah I will, when it snows again.

As for now, I gotta continue packing my bag as I'll be leaving for Dublin tomorrow!

'till then,

-Because life is a test-


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