Sunday, December 25, 2011

Paralysis and Hibernation

Assalammualaikum! Today is Christmas holiday. And I am stucked in Fatin's hse with Ain (introduction: Fatin and Ain were my two housemates in INTEC).

I came back from our Muslim stdnts winter gathering in Lake District yesterday. The gathering was held for 4 days. And after the gathering, I went back Preston for only about 3 hrs and rushed to Manchester, catching the last train to Manchester on Christmas eve. The last train is 8.40pm! And public buses in Preston stopped operating after 7pm. And taxis doubled their fare. When I reached Manchester at 9+, there was no bus and taxis will be very expensive thus I walked with Ain to Rusholme, with our two big luggages. By the time I reached Fatin's hse, I cant feel my feet.

And today, all shops are closed and no bus operates. Ohhhh!! I feel soooo(i dunno how to describe it better) congested, cramped, stucked, trapped and locked in.
This is so different from festive holiday in Malaysia. In Malaysia, ppl work during holidays and they'll be paid a lot. Myb the worker's rights here hv gotten too strong that no one work during Christmas. Fatin even told me if I were to lie down on the middle of the road today, no car will run over me.

I cant wait to go out for lunch! At least Muslim restaurants in Rusholme are still open (i hope!)

Ok, what day is tomorrow?
It is boxing day!
Boxing day is the day right after Christmas; the 26th of Dec that is.
On that day, a crazy sale is supposed to be on.
Prices should drop by at least half.
And ppl will queue from dawn just to be the first to get into the shop when it opens and grab the things they want. Ppl fight for designer brands like they fight for their life, almost. That is what I heard frm friends. But ppl say those brands that customers queue for are brands like Gucci, LV etc. I have no intention to buy such brands at all. So this year I'm not going to queue at dawn.

I just want to see how boxing day is. I want to see how busy the shops are, how tired the salesgirls will be, and how "ferrocious" customers will turn into.
Of course, I do plan to buy some things, I've even made a list!
InsyaAllah, I'll hv two more boxing days. I am due to graduate mid 2014.
Maybe during one of these two coming boxing days, I will be one of the people lining up in front of a shop, waiting for its door to open *grin grin*
Not so much on the shopping itself, but more to the experience and thrill.

-Because life is a test-


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  1. u still have plenty of time to practice your boxing skill.incase you need them later.

    *rebut & lariiii* :P :P