Sunday, December 18, 2011

Post From Dublin


I am now comfortably on Ain's friend's bed in Dublin, Ireland (i still do not know what this place is called but it is near to Univ College of Dublin).
Read my previous post? The post where I said I have no clue whether or not Ain is gonna turn up in the airportto fetch me, as I was unable to contact her for the past two days. Before I switched my phone off on the plane, I managed to leave a msg via fb to Ain's hsemate, saying I boarded the plane and 30mins after landing, if I do not see her, I'll find my own way to get to her hse. Haha...

This is not my first time travellng alone, I went Indonesia on my own last year but this is my first flight travel frm UK. I am not sure if I shd be afraid but I wasn't. When I reached the immigration in Dublin, I got very mad with the officer. I had to queue at the non-EU lane, fair enough but I felt the treatment was vry horrible. At first there were only two officers on duty thus the kine got very long. And worse, I dunno if it is just my imagination but I thinka both the officers had the preformed idea that all of us are coming into Ireland towork, illegally and it is their responsibility to catch us and prevent us frm doing so. The few ppl before me were treated vry roughly, after stamping their passports the officer threw their passport back to them which I found vry rude and I hate it. I even told myself if I had to go to that officer to get my passport stamped and if he threw it to me, I'm not gonna keep quite. I made a silent promise to myself to tell him that he has got no manners, and he ought to be more polite to tourists,who are gonna spend in his country. The other officer had I think denied entry to this African woman and she started crying, begging to the officer.

Soon after, two more officers came and two new counters were opened. I was called by the newly came officer; and I waited to see what kind of treatment will he give me. Thank God he smiled and said hello. Seeing my UK stdnt visa, he let me off with no further questioning apart from what course am I studying (I'm sure that's just for a chat) and how long will I be in Ireland. And as I was leaving, he said "Now, take care young lady"
That, really was a good treatment, and I reminded myself to only get angry with the two snobbish immigration officers, not the whole lot of them.

And by the time I walked out of the door, it was already almost an hour after my landing time. And as I was looking around, hoping hard, I saw her in her blue hijab.
Ain was waiting for me!
And the rest, is history.

I'd better go refresh myself now.
p/s: Am typing this using an iPad and it feels weird but hi-tech.

-Because life is a test-


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